Introducing: Amoracast!

Amoracast is just the latest new product to come through our doors at Shipwreck Beads.  Designer quality Amoracast charms and components are beautiful and affordable.  Always made with 92.5% sterling silver, these components are high quality, well made and exceptionally designed.  They only contract with factories that meet international standards for trade practices with regard to safe working conditions, equitable pay, and which never use child labour of any kind.  Not only does Amoracast create incredible products but they are conscious of their business practices as well.

As soon as I saw these beautiful, delicate designs, I knew I wanted to play with them.  They are so well made, you can just connect a pendant to chain and have a nice piece of jewelry.  While many of the things I design for the blog are big, statement pieces, I tend to wear delicate, simple jewelry most often so this line is right up my alley.  They are also extremely affordable so it won’t break the bank to pick up a few pieces.

Silk Orbit Necklace: Product List HERE (Silk fairy ribbon not yet available online, call 1-800-950-4232 to order, item #90RN109)

Pebble Beach Earrings: Product List HERE

Peacock Simplicity: Product List HERE

Ice Phoenix Necklace: Product List HERE

Fire Wing Necklace: Product List HERE
Elixir of Life Necklace: Product List HERE

Foxy Garden Bracelet: Product List HERE

Sunshine Garden Earrings: Product List HERE

Faerie Whispers Hand Chain:Product List HERE

Saltwater Daydream Charm Bracelet: Product List HERE

It’s easy to go bigger when creating and sometimes I find it hard to create simple, delicate pieces.  Working with these Amoracast components was a bit challenging but still a lot of fun.  Inspiration comes quite easily with such wonderfully made pieces.  Most of these pieces are pretty simple to create using basic beading techniques, but feel free to comment if you have any questions on how to make any of the items pictured here.

Be sure to visit our website and take a look at all Amoracast has to offer.  I hope you are as inspired by these components as I am!


Turquoise Lotus Flower Multi-Strand Bracelet

TierraCast has done it again with the debut of their new “You Collection.”  Consisting of  focal pieces, slides, charms and beautiful lobster claw clasps, the new line is so very usable and inspiring.  I especially love the alphabet and symbol charms.  With a large-hole bail, it will fit on your favorite cord or chain and they are situated in a way that a jump ring isn’t necessary.

I wanted to use the new TierraCast pieces with some of the new stones that have come in from Tucson.    Maybe it’s because it happens to be my birthstone, but I have always been drawn to turquoise.  I wanted to pair the creamy blue tones of the turquoise with copper components and the lotus flower charm seemed like a nice “zen” touch.

1st –  Sm Turquoise Chips
1st – Lg Turquoise Chips
1st –  Oval Turquoise
1pc - 3 Hole D-ring Clasp
6pc – Crimp Beads
30pc – 4mm Jump Ring
2pc – 6mm Jump Ring
5pc – Copper Charm Blank
6pc – Copper Lotus Flower Charm
10pc – Sm Copper Nugget Spacer
12pc – Lg Copper Nugget Spacer

1) Trim 12 inches of beading wire and string beads in this order: oval bead, lotus charm, oval bead, blank charm.  Repeat until you have strung all 11 charms and 12 oval beads. Set aside.  (Images 1-2)
2) Trim 12 inches of beading wire and string beads in this order: 5 small chips, 1 small spacer.  Repeat this pattern until you have used all 10 spacers or have beaded about 6.5 inches.  Because the chips are not a uniform size, you may need more or less beads to complete the length needed. Set aside. (Image 3)
3) Trim a 12 inch piece of beading wire and string beads in this order: 1 large chip, 1 large spacer, 3 large chips, 1 spacer, 1 chip, 1 spacer, 3 chips.  Repeat the pattern until you have used 12 spacers or have beaded about 6.5 inches.  (Image 4)
4) String on a crimp bead and connect the strand to one half of the clasp.  Repeat on the opposite side with the remaining half of the clasp. Connect each of the three beaded pieces.  I connected the lotus charm strand to the outside hole of the clasp.  (Images 5-9)
5) Instead of using a crimp cover to hide my crimp bead, I used 5 jump rings on each strand.  It gives the piece a wire wrapped look when complete.  Do this for each crimp bead used. (Images 10-11)
6) Using 2 of the larger jump rings, connect the toggle part of the clasp to one of the d-rings and your bracelet is ready to wear!

I really like the effect that is achieved when jump rings are used to cover the crimp bead instead of a traditional crimp cover.  It’s little details like this that can send your jewelry from amateur to professional looking in no time flat.  Turquoise-Square
I love a good bracelet and tend to layer them on in stacks.  By using a multi-strand clasp, you can create the look of stacked bracelets by only wearing one piece.  Turquoise is an extremely wearable and is said to provide protection from negativity and can help the wearer live life with more joy and happiness.  I don’t know if that is true, but this bracelet certainly makes me happy!

Check out the TierraCast’s NEW “You Collection” on our website NOW!


Mayan Horizon Wire-wrapped Vintaj Hoop Earrings

This week, our buyers have made their way down to Tucson, Arizona for the Bead & Gem show to pick up some amazing new goodies for the store.  If you are a fan of ours on Facebook, there is no doubt that you have been drooling over the pictures they have posted from on the road.  For those who have been following the blog for a while, you probably remember my series of Tucson Treasures (Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, & Six) featuring the yummy gemstone beads and pendants they brought back last year.

I thought that for this blog post, I would re-visit some old favorites from Tucson last year.  And good news! They are on sale until the 12th!  I love these little plated pyrite beads (see how I used them before HERE) and the Vintaj hoops have been just hanging out in my office waiting for inspiration to strike.  Actually, I’ll be honest; I was cleaning my workspace and happened upon these items and thought they would look great together.  So that’s really how these earrings came to be.  It just happened to work in my favor that the timing with our annual Tucson trip is prefect!

I combined simple wire wrapping and random bead stringing to make these old-world inspired hoop earrings.  Measuring nearly 2.5 inches across, these earrings are quite the statement piece.  They remind me of ancient ruins with equal parts aged and regal.  A timeless style that is ever-present, even in today’s South West culture.

2pc – Vintaj Brass Hoops
2pc – 6mm copper jump ring
1pr – Copper ear wires
150-200pc – Plated pyrite beads, asst. colors
26 Gauge copper wire

1) Cut about 20 inches of 26 gauge copper wire and wrap several times around the bottom of the brass hoop.  String on about 8 beads and anchor the wire to the opposite side of the hoop by wrapping it several times.  (Images 1-3)
2) Continue adding beads and wrapping the wire until you have completed 6 rows of beads.  (Images 4-6)
3) Trim the end of the wire and tuck the ends in so they will not snag. (Image 7)
4) Insert a jump ring into the holes on the ends of the hoop and add an ear wire to complete the earring.  (Images 8-9)
5) Repeat all steps to complete the pair!




Right now, you can save up to 20% on over 4,800 new items from 2014, including these colorful pyrite beads.  Be sure to keep an eye out on the blog and on our Facebook page over the next couple weeks.  We will be sharing all of the wonderful new items from this years Tucson Bead & Gem show!


Seattle Seahawks Fan Jewelry

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but pretty much everyone here in the Pacific Northwest is extremely excited that our Seattle Seahawks are making their second Super Bowl appearance in as many years. I for one, couldn’t be more proud of my team! On game day (and every day this week, actually) you will find me decked out from head to toe in blue and green. I have everything from hats to scarves to shirts and jerseys. I have some awesome vintage fan gear too. I’m definitely not one of those fair weather fans. My heart bleeds blue and green!

In addition to my other Hawks gear, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have a ton of Seahawks-inspired jewelry as well!  Today, I am sharing with you my personal Seattle Seahawks jewelry collection. Most of these pieces have been worn and loved for quite some time, so you might see some tarnishing on a couple of the pieces. Spots where the silver has been worn away. I’m quite proud of these pieces and hopefully they will inspire you to create your own fan jewelry!
First up is a pair of tassel earrings.  I used my Seed Bead Tassel Earring tutorial to create this pair using blue waxed linen and silver and neon green 6/0 seed beads.  I love making these tassel earrings because they come together quickly and are so easily customized.
You might recall my post from last years Super Bowl, when I shared a similar bracelet. I liked it so much, I had to create one for myself to keep.
This is probably my favorite piece of the bunch. I have worn it so much that the chain is turning copper. I created the tassel out of hemp and connected it to a heart toggle that was missing its bar. I added the wing charm in honor of the ‘Hawks.
When I set out to create a Hawks-inspired piece, I don’t necessarily want it to scream football!  I want something that will add a feminine touch to my sports gear.  This necklace was inspired by Native American headdresses and feather motifs.  The chunky, double strand design makes quite a statement that can be worn once the season is over.
Of course I made my own pair of Game Day Earrings.  Actually, I made this tutorial because I made the earrings for myself and thought “Hey, I should share this with the world!” and so the blog post came to be.  You can find the supply list for these earrings HERE.
Unfortunately, we don’t actually carry that Seahawks charm.  I had a pair of earrings at one point and the mate was lost.  Rather than have it buried in the bottom of my bead drawer, I thought I would give it new life as the dangle on this bracelet.  This wrap bracelet is one single, very long strand of beads.  Not only can it be worn as a bracelet, but it can be worn as a necklace too!
After making the necklace above, I decided I needed something a little lighter weight.  Something that was less of a statement piece and more of an everyday wear… And I happened to have a lot of beads left over.  I threw together this necklace by stringing the beads and adding some leather to finish it off.  DangleEarring
Another favorite here, as you can tell from the tarnishing on some of the silver.  I love this fan connector by TierraCast and I think it gives the earrings a little bit of Native American touch, something that is present in a lot of Seahawk-inspired designs.  These chandelier-style earrings are easy to make with the help of the One Step Looper tool.

Hey fellow Twelves! Did you know Shipwreck Beads offers discounts to fans who shop with us in their Seahawks gear on Blue Friday?  Well this week on January 30th in honor of the Seahawks second appearance in the Super Bowl, anyone who shops in store sporting their blue and green can save 12%!!!  Help us support our Hawks on the final Blue Friday of the season and pick up some supplies to make your very own fan jewelry!



Introducing Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year


Products shown:  99FR599-46, 18CW894, 12FP347-R, 12CF747, 46CF747, 8CF747, 92PL149-52, 1GL246, 40ST418-FD, 83ST418-FD, 20MP100-46, CI7075-8, RN148-18, 30LL145-D, 3LL944-TC, 39CR295-18, CR985-245, 1MS798-L, 5CH146-WL2, ST454-B, 14SD146-D, 78CT245-R

Pantone recently announced their 2015 Color of the Year.  Marsala is a deep earthy red with warm tones that will pair well with a multitude of other colors.  In the above image, I have gathered a bunch of items that capture Marsala perfectly.  From beads to stringing materials, to feathers, crystals and pendants , even our own Shipwreck Beads t-shirts!  There are lots of options available for you to get a jump on your Marsala colored beading and jewelry creations.


As we head into spring, Marsala is a bold choice that can be paired with pastels and other neutral tones.  It will work with feminine florals and can easily be transformed into more edgy looks.  As evidenced at this weekends Golden Globe awards, Marsala will also make a huge impact in makeup and fashion.  Check out our board on Pinterest with all kinds of color inspiration featuring Marsala.


For the above necklace, I paired 4mm round Swarovski crystal pearls in Bordeaux with rose gold components.  The deep wine color of the beads pairs well with the rose gold.  I chose a delicate chain and crystal links for a delicate necklace just a little longer than your average choker.  I used the following materials: 12 in chain, 11 pc 3mm jump rings, 1pc 4mm jump ring, 1pm lobster clasp, 6pc eye pins, 6pc 4mm crystal pearl, and 5pc crystal connector.  Assembling the necklace is easy, you just need to make beaded links with the beads and head pins and then connect it all together with jump rings!



Tell me what you think about Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala!


Fiesta Feather Earrings


These festive, shoulder skimming earrings featuring TierraCast charms can be whipped up in a flash!  Trim and curl (just like curling ribbon, only use the back part of your scissors) your feathers then use an ending loop to give you something to hang from.  Trim 2 pieces of chain in each of the following measurements: 2 inches, 1.5 inches and 1 inch.  Connect your charms and feathers to the chain with jump rings.  Make a charm with a small skull bead using a head pin and connect it to the 1 inch piece of chain.  Put your large skull on an eye pin and finish with a simple loop.  Hang your three pieces of chain from the bottom of the large skull with a jump ring.  Attach an ear wire to the top loop of the large skull and repeat to complete your pair of earrings.


Here are the supplies you will need to create these fun earrings! Supplies: Feathers, Ending Loop,Western Boot Charm, Dancing Senorita Charm, Dancing Señor Charm, Blue Skull Bead, White Skull Bead, Cable Chain, Jump Rings, Head Pins, Eye Pins, and Ear Wires.

Halloween is just around the corner and Shipwreck Beads has lots of great products to suit all of your crafting needs.  Be sure to check out TierraCast’s great Halloween themed charms as well!


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