Two Ways to Finish a Multi Strand Seed Bead Necklace

Bold, statement necklaces continue to be a strong trend as we transition into the warmer months.  An eye-catching piece can make all the difference in an otherwise bland outfit.   Multi-strand necklaces are one way to jump on board with this trend.  However, when working with multiple strands, you have to finish off your piece in a different way.  In this post, I will show you two different ways to finish up a multi strand piece.

A bead cone is a great way to disguise your knot when working with multiple strands.  It is ideal for necklaces that are hung at one constant length.  I like to use a bead cone when working with thread as opposed to bead stringing wire.  It looks both pretty and professional.  In my Knotted Crystal Bracelet Tutorial, I used a cone to conceal my knots and to attach my clasp to the piece.

An end connector, like the 5-to-1 connector shown in the picture is the right choice for when you want a little extra definition between your strands.  For necklaces with strands at different lengths, you want a component that will allow each strand individual strand to be visible.  In the necklace below, you can see how each of the 5 strands hangs at different lengths and how the end connector allows them to lay straight and keeps them from tangling.  For a multi-strand necklace strung on beading wire, you can attach the wire directly to the connector with your crimp bead (learn how to use a crimp bead here), no clam shells are needed!

Color Blocked Multi-Strand Seed Bead NecklaceColorblock2
5 hanks – 6/0 Rocaille Seed Beads (6SB132-TA, 6SB815-AB, 6SB195-TA, 6SB133-TA, 6SB174-TA)
2pc – Tierracast 5-to-1 End Connector (TC3056-AS)
1pc – TierraCast Hook Clasp (TC6199-AS)
1pc – TierraCast Leaf Charm (TC2010-AS)
6in – TierraCast Textured Chain (TX0325-IR)
10pc – Small Clam Shell (FI130-S)
1sp – Fireline Thread (60TN112)
1pc – Big Eye Needle (FI283-4s)
1 tube – GS Hypo Cement (FI406)

1) String beads in desired pattern, making 5 strands total.  To ensure the finished necklace lays correctly, be sure to add extra beads on each additional strand.  If your first strand measures 20 inches, then your second strand should be 20.5 inches, the third strand 21 inches and so on until you have strung your beads.
2) Finishing the necklace: String on a small clamshell with the cupped part facing out toward the end of the string.  (Image 1)
3) Make an overhand knot, double it.  (Image 2)
4) Thread a small clamshell on the opposite end of the strand. (Image 3)
5) Tie an overhand knot and double it as in Step 3 above.  I find it helpful to use a pair of tweezers to ensure my knot is nice and snug in my clamshell.  (Image 4-5)
6) Use a tiny drop of glue on your knots and allow to dry.  Once dry, trim the excess thread.
7) Complete the above steps on your additional 4 strands.
8) Attach clamshells to the connector by gently pinching shut the loop of the finding.  Be sure that the loops are all facing the same direction.  For the finished piece to lay correctly, your first strand should be attached to the first loop on each of your connectors.  The second strand will connect to the second loop.  Repeat with your remaining strands.(Images 6-7)
9) Open the chain using two pairs of flat or chain nosed pliers (just like a jump ring) and use a link to connect the hook clasp to the connector.  Connect the remaining chain to the opposite connector and add a charm to the last link. (Images 8-9)
Knotty Neon Seed Bead Necklace
2 hanks – 6/0 Rocaille Seed Beads, Light Grey (6SB102-TA)
240 pieces – 4mm Tangerine Orange Silk Round (4RD634-N3)
80 pieces – 6mm Tangerine Orange Silk Round (6RD634-N3)
240 pieces – 4mm Salmon Pink Silk Round (4RD692-N3)
80 pieces – 6mm Salmon Pink Silk Round (6RD692-N3)
2pc- TierraCast Bead Cone (TC5641-AS)
1pc – TierraCast Toggle Clasp (TC6145-AS)
2pc – 6mm Jump Ring (FI208-TS)
12in – 22 Gauge Silver Craft Wire (22CW813)
1 spool – Fire Line Bead Thread (60TN112)
1 tube – GS Hypo Cement (FI406)

1) Cut 68 inches of Fire Line beading thread and string 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  String 60 pieces of 4mm tangerine rounds, followed by another 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  Repeat three more times for 4 total strands.
2) Cut 68 inches of Fire Line beading thread and string 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  String 40 pieces of 6mm tangerine rounds, followed by another 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  Repeat once more for 2 strands total.
3) Cut 68 inches of Fire Line beading thread and string 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  String 60 pieces of 4mm salmon pink rounds, followed by another 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  Repeat three more times for 4 total strands.
4) Cut 68 inches of Fire Line beading thread and string 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  String 40 pieces of 6mm salmon pink rounds, followed by another 8 inches of light grey seed beads.  Repeat once more for 2 strands total.
5) Lay out your 6 pink/grey strands flat and tie the ends together with a square knot.  Fold the strands in half. (Image 1)
6) Tie the strings on either end together with a square knot. (Images 2-3)
7) Cut 6 inches of 22 gauge craft wire and make a wrapped loop on one end.  (Image 4)
8) Thread have of your strings through the eye of the wire and tie a knot around it.  I usually make 3-5 knots depending on how much room I will have in my cone.  (Images 5-6)
9) Apply a small amount of glue to your knot and trim excess once dry.  (Image 7)
10) Thread the cone onto the wire and make a wrapped loop.  (Images 8-9)
11) Repeat steps 5-10 with your grey/orange strands.
12) Attach toggle clasp to the eye of the wire with jump rings.
12) Using a larks head knot, loop the pink and orange sections together.

These two finishing techniques can be applied to any type of beadwork, not just seed beads.  Both options have their benefits and can be adapted for bracelets and necklaces.  I find myself going the cone-route most of the time, as I just prefer the way it looks.  What is your favorite way to finish off a multi-strand necklace?  I would love to hear from YOU!

Wise Owl Talisman Necklace

I love to search the web for pretty jewelry to get inspiration and ideas for things to make. Jewelry can be so expensive, and as someone who spends my life making jewelry, I find that it’s really hard for me to spend money on something I can just make myself. The other day when I was browsing online, I found this beautiful Amazonite charm necklace. Unfortunately, the $155 price tag was far out of my budget and I knew I could create a similar style necklace for much much less.

Using more of our Tucson Treasures, I was able to come up with this gorgeous talisman necklace. A necklace like this is a great project, because it can use up some of those left over beads that you may have lying around your work table. I used a pearl from the Denim Elegance tutorial, a quartz crystal from the Embellished Kidney Wire Earring post, and some various other bone beads and charms. The focal point of this necklace is the gorgeous Kingman Turquoise pendant. Unfortunately the pendant piece is not available for sale on our website, but you can call our toll-free line (1-800-950-4232) and tell the sales person you want to purchase 91ST413-GM

Turquoise Pendant 91ST413-GM (Call 800-950-4232 to order.)
1pc Bone Owl Bead
1pc Large Hole Pearl
1pc Stone Nugget
1pc Quartz Spear
1pc TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc Silver Spacers
1pc Arrow Charm
1pc TierraCast Feather Charm
2pc 4mm Round Bone
2pc 8mm Carved Round Bone
24 Gauge Silver Craft Wire
3pc Silver Head Pin
6pc Silver Jump Ring
48 inches 1.5mm Brown Leather
18 inches 1mm Brown Leather

1) String turquoise pendant onto the 2mm leather cord and set aside. (Image 1)
2) Thread the bone owl bead onto the head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 2)
3) Stack the bead cap and the large hole pearl onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 3)
4) String one spacer, one stone bead, and another spacer onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 4)
5) Cut 24 inches of silver wire and wrap the quartz crystal.  (See this tutorial for wrapping tips.) (Image 6)
6) Connect a jump ring to each of your 6 charms. (Image 7)
7) Cut 18 inches of 1mm brown leather and tie a square knot about 2 inches above the pendant.  See this picture for more info on macrame knotting.  (Images 8-10)
8) String the pearl onto the string on the left side and tie a square knot.  (Images 11-12)
9) String the quartz spear onto the string on the right side and tie a square knot.  (Image 13)
10) Continue adding your charms, alternating sides until you have attached them all to the leather. (Images 14-16)
11) Slide the macrame section down to the top of the pendant.  String one 4mm bone round onto the leather and tie a simple overhand knot.  Trim excess leather.  (Image 17)
12) Decide desired length of necklace and tie an overhand knot.  (Image 18)
13) String an 8mm carved bone round bead on each tail and tie an overhand knot. (Image 19)
This necklace can be customized however you desire.  Choose charms and beads that have special meaning to you.  For me, I just really liked the owl bead and picked charms to compliment it.  Instead of the bone, check out our selections of Peruvian ceramic beads.  We carry many different types so if an owl doesn’t happen to be your spirit animal, I’m sure you can find one to represent you.  And really, it doesn’t even have to be an animal, you can just pick some pretty beads if that is your wish!
Working with leather is fun and easy.  One of my favorite parts about this necklace is that there is no clasp to fuss around with.  All you have to do is throw it over your head and you are out the door. This necklace would also look great layered with a few chains and maybe a strand of beads.  So whether you pile it on or keep it simple, here is another awesome necklace to add to your collection! I have a feeling this one will be coming home with me.  I love it! Enjoy your Friday!


An Oscar-Inspired DIY

As you may remember from my Oscar Jewelry post a few weeks back, Olivia Wilde was my favorite celebrity at the event. I loved everything about her look. Her fresh-faced make up with the flirty cat-eye. The classy high-necked black dress highlighting her baby bump and expertly paired with boatloads of diamond, platinum and white jade jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. Her whole look was perfection!  It was her earrings that really captured my eye however.  Especially since the white jade drops reminded me so much of one of the new items from our Tucson haul.  I knew I could easily (and inexpensively) recreate them in just a few minutes!

OliviaEarring I couldn’t find a price tag for the earrings Olivia wore, but seeing as how they were diamond, platinum and white jade I can only image how expensive they must be.  My version can  be created for practically pennies in comparison.  For just under $25.00, you can create your own Oscar worthy jewelry for your next black tie affair.  Or you know, Tuesday.  Or any other day you want to wear a pair of fancy earrings.

2pc – Reconstituted Faceted Ivory Drop
2pc – Small TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc – Large TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc – Pave Rhinestone Ball
2pc – Silver Head Pin
2pc – Silver Eye Pin
1pr – Silver Rhinestone Lever Back Earrings
*Shopping List Available HERE*

OscarEarringSteps Steps:
1) Stack beads on the head pins in the following order: large bead cap, bone drop, small bead cap.  (Image 2)
2) Make a loop with a pair of round nose pliers. Note: The head pin is just long enough to stack the beads and make a small loop.  I used this pair of round nose pliers as they have a fine tip to make a very small loop. (Images 3-4)
3) String the rhinestone balls onto the eye pins and make a loop as shown. (Images 6-8)
4) Open the loops with a pair of  chain nose pliers and connect the pieces in the order shown.  (Images 9-12)


Wasn’t that easy?  In just a couple of minutes you can have your own red carpet ready earrings! Enjoy!


Embellished Kidney Wire Earrings

Commercial findings make jewelry making easy but they don’t always have a lot of variety other than color and size.  Plain manufactured items, however, are GREAT embellishing.  When making earrings, the French ear wire or shepherd’s hook styles tend to be the most popular.  For a little different look, you can go with a kidney ear wire.  Not only does the kidney wire have a secure closure to prevent lost earrings, but it also provides a perfect canvas for embellishing! In this post I will show you how to quickly and easily add a little bling to your ear wire for some one of a kind hardware!

Kidney Earwires
24 Gauge Craft Wire
Asst. Small Beads (4mm bicones works well)

1) Gently flatten the bent end of the kidney wire with a pair of nylon jaw pliers and straighten the wire slightly with your fingers.
2) Cut 4 inches of 24 gauge craft wire.
3) Begin wrapping the wire around the kidney wire. Make 4 full wraps.  Do not trim the tail until you are finished.  The wire will twist on the earring and the extra tail will give you something to hold onto.  (Image 1-2)
4) String a bead onto the kidney wire. (Image 3)
5) Wrap the wire around the bead and continue the wrap above it.  Make 2 full wraps. (Image 4)
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the next two beads. (Images 5-6)
7) Complete 4 full wraps above the last bead. (Image 6)
8) Trim the tails of the wire and tuck them under with a pair of chain nose pliers. (Images 7-8)
9) Re-bend the end of the kidney wire that will hook into the closure. (Images 9-10)
10) Make one in every color. (Image 11)
11) Use to complete a pair of earrings! (Image 12)

Here are a few pairs of earrings I made with some of my embellished kidney wires.

Pair 1 – Kidney wires, ruby bicones, ruby round, TierraCast hammered ring.
Pair 2 – Kidney wires, drop pendant, green bicones.
Pair 3 – Kidney wires, small purple bicones, medium purple bicones, flower charm (painted with Vintaj Patina!)
Pair 4 – Vintaj kidney wire, Herkimer diamonds, crystal round, large bead cap, small bead cap.

You will also need some basic findings like jump rings, head pins and eye pins to complete the styles shown above as well.

Here is another pair of earrings I created with the embellished kidney wires and some of our new Tucson items.  I purchased a strand of these gorgeous quartz spears for myself and have already used them in several projects.  This pair is a new favorite and it comes with a cute story too!

I always carry a notebook around in my purse. I use it to sketch jewelry ideas, make notes for work, and keep my kid busy in restaurants. One time while out to dinner, my girl Goose, was busy coloring in my notebook and she designed a pair of earrings. I really loved her design so I used it for inspiration as you can see in the picture above. Goose will turn 8 this Sunday and she is clearly following in Mom’s footsteps and I couldn’t be more proud of her!
Find all of the ingredients to make your own Goose-designed Glamorous Bohemian Earrings on our website HERE.  I hope you liked this tutorial and are on your way to creating some beautiful embellished ear wires! Enjoy!


Denim Elegance Pearl Necklace

DenimEleganceTitle I’ve been wanting to do a leather and pearl project for a while so when our buyers purchased some large hole pearls in Tucson, I snatched them right up. This necklace is the perfect combination of casual and dressy. It can be worn with jeans and a white tee or with a dress to a spring wedding. By combining the different textures of stone, pearls and leather and adding just a hint of shine, you can create a statement piece you will want to wear every day!

1 spool Brown Leather Cord - 10LC154
1 strand Large Hole Pearl 9mm – 9FP613-LH
1 strand Large Hole Pearl 15mm – 15FP613-LH
1 strand Sunset Dumortierite – 10ST655-LH
6 pieces Sterling Round with Flowers- 10SS547
12 pieces Bead Cap 8mm – 8SS854
2 pieces Revolving End Cap – 3BR350-AS
4 pieces Silver Jump Ring 6mm – 6FI221-AS
1 piece TierraCast Heart Toggle Clasp – TC6124-RP
E-6000 Adhesive – FI399

DenimElegance-Steps NecklacePattern Steps:
1) Cut 8 strands of leather, 4 feet each.
2) Working with one strand at a time, make your first over-hand knot about 12 inches from the end of the leather.  String on a bead according to the pattern above then make another knot.  Leave about 1.5 inches in between each bead. Complete the rest of the pattern. (Image 2-5)
3) Repeat the pattern above with 5 of the leather strands, until you have 6 total.
4) With the remaining 9mm pearls, (I had 14 remaining) make two more knotted strands, this time spacing each bead one inch apart.
5) Lay out each of the 8 strands flat in front of you and adjust the placement of the beads until they are arranged evenly.  Use an over-hand knot to tie all the strands together on each side. (Image 6)
6) Trim the ends to about a half of an inch.  (Image 7-8)
7) Place a small amount of glue on the end and place them into the end crimp.  Allow to dry for several minutes. (Image 9)
8) Once the glue has dried, crimp the center of the end cap securely.  (Image 10)
9) Connect the clasp with the jump rings and your necklace is ready to wear! (Images 11-12)

Necklace-fullNecklace-close The finished necklace measures about 20 inches and is a great length. It could easily be shortened for more of a choker-style necklace. If you prefer something a little longer, you can add some chunky chain to either side of the necklace.  The same technique can also be converted into a bracelet as well, if that’s more your style! To purchase all the materials for this project CLICK HERE and simply add to cart! Enjoy!

Rock Crystal Sunset Macrame Bracelet

RockCrystalTitleHave you been loving the new Tucson stones as much as I have? I can’t believe how many beautiful and fun items we got in recently. These large nuggets have been some of my favorites.  As soon as I saw the Amethyst nuggets I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  For each bracelet I chose colors that, to me,  represent summer sunsets.  The purple bracelet reminds me of the vivid pinks and purples blending over the sky while the peach bracelet is representative of the creamy peach and sandy tones.  Maybe its the gloomy winter weather that has me nostalgic for the heat of August.  Anyway… enough of my reminiscing and onto some fabulous jewelry.

I’ve been wanting to play around with the Lovely Knots cord for quite some time and the Tucson Treasures provided the perfect opportunity.  The Lovely Knots cord comes in two sizes and 13 colors so there is the perfect color to suit whatever combinations you choose.  The cord is very durable and easy to use.  When used with the thread burner, the ends will not fray.  It is the ideal medium for macrame and shamballa-style bracelets.  With so many colors to choose from, you can quickly complete the perfect statement bracelet to suit your style!

Lovely Knots Chinese Knotting Cord (Navy, Cream)
Druzy Nugget (Amethyst, Blush)
Preciosa Rhinestone Rondells (Fuchsia, Light Sapphire)
5mm Metal Round (Silver, Gold)
Thread Burner
G-S Hypo Cement
1) Cut two 24 inch pieces and one 80 inch piece of Chinese Knotting Cord.  Anchor the 24 inch pieces together on a secure surface.  I like to use a clip board.  (I wrap one end around the clip, then secure the other end around the back of the clip board.)  This will become the base of your bracelet.
2) Place your 80 inch piece of cord centered under the secured cording. (Image 1)
3) Tie a simple knot over the center cord. (Image 2-4)
4) Bring the cord on the left over the center cord.  (Image 5)
5) Place the cord on the right over the tail you just brought over. (Image 6)
6) Then, bring the cord on the right under the center cord and through the loop created in step 4 and tighten your knot. (Image 7) It’s hard to see the detail above.  Check out THIS IMAGE for a better visual demonstration of steps 4-6 above.
7) Now repeat steps 4-6, this time starting on the right. Now you have completed one full square knot. (Image 10)
8) Continue repeating steps 4-7 until you have completed about 1 inch of knots. (Image 11)
9) To add the rhinestone rondells: String one rondell on both the left and right cords.  Then complete a full square knot. (Images 12-13)
10) Continue to add rondells until you have added six on each side.  (Image 14)
11) Detach the bottom of the center cord from where it is secured and string on the large druzy nugget. (Image 15)
12) Bring the two side cords behind the nugget and make a full square knot.  (Images 16-17)
13) Continue knotting and add in the rhinestone rondells as in steps 9 and 10. (Images 18-19)
14) Make more square knots until you have completed about an inch.  Use a thread burner to remove the excess cord and place a small drop of glue on the end. (Image 20-22)
15) Once the glue has dried, flip the bracelet over so the back is visible.  Take the cords from either end of the bracelet and place them next to each other facing opposite directions. (Image 23)
16) To create the sliding closure:  Place a length of cord (I used the excess trimmed off in step 14; you will need about 12 inches) underneath the threads and make a square knot.  You will be repeating the process from the beginning of the tutorial. (Images 24-26)
17) Knot your cord until you have done about a half an inch and use the thread burner to remove the excess.  Apply a drop of glue to secure the ends. (Image 27)
18) Adjust the bracelet so that it is able to fit over your wrist.  Thread a 5mm round bead onto each of the four strands and knot the ends.  Trim excess and you are done! (Images 28-30)


Quick tip about the thread burner:  When I write a tutorial for the blog, I generally create a prototype first, in this case the Amethyst one, so that I can make adjustments prior to taking my step-by-step pictures.  The reason I am telling you this is to save you from my mistakes!  The thread burner works by getting super hot and melting the cord.  The residue from the navy cord was left on the tip of my thread burner and when I used it on the cream cord it left a dark mark.  So, moral of the story is be sure to clean off your thread burner, especially when switching from a dark-colored cord to a light one!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, I know I enjoyed creating it.  Now, I’m off to buy the materials for the Amethyst bracelet because I really don’t think I can live without it in my life!  Today is your last chance to save 20-30% on all our Tucson Treasures so check out our website right away! The sale ends today!


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