Introducing Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year


Products shown:  99FR599-46, 18CW894, 12FP347-R, 12CF747, 46CF747, 8CF747, 92PL149-52, 1GL246, 40ST418-FD, 83ST418-FD, 20MP100-46, CI7075-8, RN148-18, 30LL145-D, 3LL944-TC, 39CR295-18, CR985-245, 1MS798-L, 5CH146-WL2, ST454-B, 14SD146-D, 78CT245-R

Pantone recently announced their 2015 Color of the Year.  Marsala is a deep earthy red with warm tones that will pair well with a multitude of other colors.  In the above image, I have gathered a bunch of items that capture Marsala perfectly.  From beads to stringing materials, to feathers, crystals and pendants , even our own Shipwreck Beads t-shirts!  There are lots of options available for you to get a jump on your Marsala colored beading and jewelry creations.


As we head into spring, Marsala is a bold choice that can be paired with pastels and other neutral tones.  It will work with feminine florals and can easily be transformed into more edgy looks.  As evidenced at this weekends Golden Globe awards, Marsala will also make a huge impact in makeup and fashion.  Check out our board on Pinterest with all kinds of color inspiration featuring Marsala.


For the above necklace, I paired 4mm round Swarovski crystal pearls in Bordeaux with rose gold components.  The deep wine color of the beads pairs well with the rose gold.  I chose a delicate chain and crystal links for a delicate necklace just a little longer than your average choker.  I used the following materials: 12 in chain, 11 pc 3mm jump rings, 1pc 4mm jump ring, 1pm lobster clasp, 6pc eye pins, 6pc 4mm crystal pearl, and 5pc crystal connector.  Assembling the necklace is easy, you just need to make beaded links with the beads and head pins and then connect it all together with jump rings!



Tell me what you think about Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala!


Fiesta Feather Earrings


These festive, shoulder skimming earrings featuring TierraCast charms can be whipped up in a flash!  Trim and curl (just like curling ribbon, only use the back part of your scissors) your feathers then use an ending loop to give you something to hang from.  Trim 2 pieces of chain in each of the following measurements: 2 inches, 1.5 inches and 1 inch.  Connect your charms and feathers to the chain with jump rings.  Make a charm with a small skull bead using a head pin and connect it to the 1 inch piece of chain.  Put your large skull on an eye pin and finish with a simple loop.  Hang your three pieces of chain from the bottom of the large skull with a jump ring.  Attach an ear wire to the top loop of the large skull and repeat to complete your pair of earrings.


Here are the supplies you will need to create these fun earrings! Supplies: Feathers, Ending Loop,Western Boot Charm, Dancing Senorita Charm, Dancing Señor Charm, Blue Skull Bead, White Skull Bead, Cable Chain, Jump Rings, Head Pins, Eye Pins, and Ear Wires.

Halloween is just around the corner and Shipwreck Beads has lots of great products to suit all of your crafting needs.  Be sure to check out TierraCast’s great Halloween themed charms as well!


Game Day Earrings! A Tutorial

Sports-TitleFall is officially here in the Pacific Northwest and for some of us that means three things.  Broken dreams of baseball playoffs, the beginning of football season and pumpkin spice lattes!  I may prefer the pumpkin spice latte to football season, but I do still like to get dressed up to support my team on game day.  A tailgate party with good friends and lots of food can be hard to beat!  These easy-to-make leather earrings are the perfect way to show off your team spirit.

Leather straps (Brown and Light Grey)
TierraCast Eyelets
Jump Rings(4mm and 5mm)
Rhinestone Banding (Crystal and Ruby)
Head Pins
TierraCast Chain (TX0325-IR)
TierraCast Ear Wires (TC5120-02, shown)
Asst. Beads in Team Colors (4RD678-NL, 4RD686-NL6RD684-NL, 6FC815-F, shown.)

TierraCast Eyelet Setter
Bench Block
Rotary Leather Punch
One Step Looper
Side Cutter
Pliers (Chain Nose and Flat)

1) Download and print out the shape template.
2) Trace the image onto the leather twice.  I used a sharpie for the purposes of this tutorial.  A pencil will work just fine and won’t leave a mark on your leather.  (Image 1)
3) Cut out your traced image in the leather, creating two shapes.  (Image 2)
4) Using the smallest hole on the rotary punch, punch a hole in the top of each leather shape.  (Image 3)
5) Place an eyelet into the hole.  Center the eyelet onto the anvil, with the hole of the eyelet placed onto the raised area.  Hold the tool onto the eyelet and gently roll the eyelet setter around the eyelet as you hammer. (Images 4-5)
6) Trim the rhinestone chain to the desired length.  The footballs use 4 crystals and the baseballs use 7-8.  (Image 6)
7) Put a small dab of glue onto a scrap of paper and apply to the back of the rhinestone chain with a toothpick.  Place onto the leather as shown.  (Images 7-8)  For the footballs, be sure to alternate the placement of the crystals.  One should be placed along the left edge, the other on the right. (Image 9)
8) Thread desired beads onto head pins and make a beaded dangle using the looper tool.  Simple loops can also be created by hand. (Images 10-11)
9) Connect beads together using a jump ring.  (Images 12-13)
10) Using a set of chain nose or flat nose pliers, open up a link of chain. (NOTE: You can also just use a larger jump ring.  I prefer the look and shape of the chain instead.) Thread the link through the eyelet and add your beaded dangle before closing. (Images 14-15)
11) With a 4mm jump ring, connect the chain link to an ear wire. (Image 12)

I really love the way the baseballs turned out! I think they look nice just on their own but the added beads really make them pop.  They are fun and lightweight with just enough sparkle to make an impact!  Even if our Seattle team didn’t make it to the playoffs (again,) they will always be winners to us locals.
These footballs are my go-to earrings for game day, along with this bracelet from last season.  At first, I was a little worried they looked too much like leaves but once I added the beads in my team’s colors, the design all came together.
You can find a complete list of the supplies needed to make both pairs of the earrings shown in this post on our website.  The baseball earrings can be found HERE.  And the footballs can be found HERE.  I hope you enjoy these earrings as much as I do!

TierraCast Round Up!

If you are a fan of this blog, it should be no surprise to you that I love TierraCast!  Their products are good quality, on trend and so easy to use.  With TierraCast, you are sure to find the perfect piece for whatever kind of bead work you do.  Shipwreck Beads now stocks more TierraCast products than any other retailer! From jump rings and earring hooks, to chain and clasp to pendants and beads, there is no doubt you will find the just-right piece for your project.

I’ve gathered up all the past posts from this blog that feature TierraCast components so there should be no shortage of inspiration at your fingertips.

This post from April shows you two different ways to finish multi-strand necklaces.  Whether you wish to use bead cones or a multi-strand connector, TierraCast has what you need.

Even though summer is coming to a close, you can still rock your neon jewelry for a little while longer with this post from 2012.

Heading back to school and want to sport your teams colors?  Whip up this chunky bracelet to show your support all season long!

1ThreeBone- Title
Tassels are a trend that is here to stay.  Learn how to make these leather tassels featuring TierraCast’s newest line, The Makers Collection, here. 

School has started and that means Halloween is right around the corner! Make this festive bracelet featuring TierraCast’s fun seasonal charms!

Wire wrapped birds nests are a great gift idea, especially when you embellish them with these cute charms!

TierraCast makes loads of cute buttons that are perfect for finishing up wrap bracelets.  See how I used one to finish up this bracelet created with the Ricks Beading Loom!

The TierraCast riveting system makes it easy to create these trendy leather strap bracelets.

With over 200 styles of toggle clasp available, you will be sure to find the perfect one to fit any jewelry project.  I really like this lock and key toggle used in the tutorial above! 

The rivioli bezels can be used for so much more than setting the crystals.  See how I used them with Swarovski’s Ceralun Crystal Clay and pointy back stones.

TierraCast chain and components compliment Swarovski’s products so nicely.  Use them to create your very own charming BeCharmed bracelet, just like the one above!

Many of the TierraCast components have multiple uses.  Learn how to creatively use an infinity connector to create this elegant waterfall necklace.  

Sure, you could use a plain bead cone but why would you want to when TierraCast makes such beautiful ones?  I just love the little hammered cones used in this tutorial to make Beaded Tassel Earrings. 

All it takes is a handful of supplies to make a whole armful of these sparkly bangle bracelets.

Sometimes an idea doesn’t work out exactly as you planned but that’s okay!  These morse code leather bracelets turned out alright in the end.

This sparkling bracelet packs a big punch, featuring Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls.  Paired with TierraCast components, you can make your own statement piece for a special occasion.

One of my personal favorite TierraCast projects to date are these custom watches.  Easy to make and fun to wear, this tutorial is the perfect project for an afternoon spend indoors.

Check out this post to find out about TierraCast’s recent visit to our store! We sure loved having them here.

I hope you enjoyed reading all these tutorials as much as I enjoyed writing them! I love TierraCast’s products and we have a great selection in stock! Shipwreck Beads has expanded our selection of TierraCast to over 2,500 items!


Watch Out! It’s Back to School Time!

Can you believe that summer has come to and end already? Kids and teachers across the country have been heading back to school. My own daughter will start school this week! It’s always a shock to the system when summer end’s and autumn begins.  I’m just a little sad that the season is shifting from bathing suits and sandals to sweaters and scarves.  Lucky for us, good accessories never go out of season.

Ever since the TierraCast folks came for a visit, I have been wanting to play around with their line of leather components and rivetables.  I though that watches would be a great back to school project.  Most teachers frown upon having cells phones in class, even just to check the time.  So, why not whip your student (or hey, yourself!) up a cute watch.  They are so easy to make, you could even have one to match every outfit in your wardrobe!

Leather Strap
Pinch Bail
Watch Face
Leather Clasp

Rotary Leather Punch
Leather Punch
Bench Block
4mm Rivet Setter
6mm Rivet Setter
Eyelet Setter
1) Begin by making the band of the watch. Slide the clasp onto one end of the black leather and fold the end over.  Using the smallest setting on the rotary punch, punch a hole into the leather.  (Image 1)
2) Thread the post of a 6mm rivet through both sections of leather.  Snap the top portion of the rivet into place.  Using the 6mm rivet setter, hammer the rivet into place.  (Images 2-3)
3) Measure the band on your wrist and make a loop on the opposite side.  Punch a hole and secure the rivet into place as in steps 1-2 above. Set aside.  (Image 4)
4) Hold the bail into place at the loop of the watch.  Pinch to secure.  Repeat on the opposite side of the watch face. (Images 5-6)
5) Mark the center point of the leather band (I made a small scratch with a knotting awl) where the watch will lay. (Image 7)
6) Measure a 1.5 inch section of pink leather.  Cut the leather in half lengthwise.  (Image 8)
7) Thread the small length of leather through the bail on the watch.  Punch a hole in the pink leather. (Images 9-10)
8) Place the watch on the center mark of the band.  Using your awl, poke through the hole in the pink leather and mark the black leather beneath it.  Punch a hole in the black leather where the mark is. (Images 11-12)
9) Stack all three pieces of leather onto the post of a 4mm rivet. Snap the top into place. Secure using a 4mm rivet setter and a hammer.  Trim excess pink leather. (Images 13-15)
10) Repeat steps 7-9 above on the opposite side of the watch face.  (Image 16)
11) Measure a 1 inch piece of pink leather and cut in half lengthwise.  (Image 17)
12) Hold into place on the watch band and punch holes into the leather.  Secure into place with a rivet on either side using the steps above.  (Images 18-19)
13) Repeat on the opposite side of the watch band.
I love this project.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to customizing the watch band that its easy to find something to represent your individual style.  With over 40 styles of watch faces, 20 colors of leather straps and countless combinations of the TierraCast components, your student can head back to school in style.  The turquoise and brown banded watch above is quickly becoming a favorite piece of mine to wear!
Pink/Black Watch: Pink watch face, fuchsia leather, black leather, silver pinch bail, gunmetal clasp, 4mm gunmetal rivet, 6mm bright silver rivet.
Copper/Red Watch: Copper heart watch face, red leather, antique copper leather, silver pinch bail, copper clasp, 4mm silver rivet, 6mm silver rivet, 6mm copper rivet, silver beaded bead.
Turquoise/Brown Watch: Two-tone watch face, turquoise leather, cocoa leather, silver pinch bail, gold clasp, 4mm gold rivet, 6mm gold rivet, silver beaded bead.
If inspiration hits and you want to try a little more ambitious project, try turning your basic watch band into a fabulous wrap watch! For the wrap watch above, I used 2 red leather straps and 2 antique copper straps to complete the 24 inch band.  I used rivets and eyelets to piece everything together.  I also used a combination of copper and silver rivets and components to compete this great statement piece.
One of the great things about the TierraCast riveting system is how easy it is to use.  At their make-n-take in August, there were kids as young as 6 sitting down at the work table to participate.  Sure, they needed an extra pair of (adult) hands to get started, but most of the picked it up pretty quickly.  This is a great project to get the kids involved with!  My girl, who is 8, has been begging me to buy her a watch but I think we just might have to sit down and make them together instead! I’ve never been a watch person really, but this watch looks more like a fancy bracelet, and that is something I can get behind!

TierraCast Visits Shipwreck Beads

Last spring, while on their yearly trip to the Tucson Bead and Gem Show, our owners and buyers met up with the folks from TierraCast.  They got to talking and everyone thought it would be a great idea for us to get them up to our store to do some promotions for our customers. As we entered the planning stages for our Annual Summer Artisan Market, we decided that would be the perfect opportunity to have TierraCast for a visit.  Lucky for us, it all worked out perfectly!!

Julie and Tracey flew up from California, where TierraCast is based and Kelli, who lives in the Seattle area drove on down.  They stopped into the store on Thursday to meet us and to get their display set up.  Several of us took them out to dinner and we got to chat and see some of their super secret upcoming product launches.  I can’t tell you anything about them but I can tell you how excited I am!  The samples and prototypes that I got a chance to see are pretty amazing and I can’t wait for you to see them too!
On Friday, we had all three of the wonderful ladies, Julie, Tracey and Kelli in store doing their free make-n-take and perfecting their display.  There was a steady flow of interested customers at the work table all day long.  The first project that they demoed was a was a stacked flower on a metal blank.  Crafters were taught how to use the TierraCast  2-part  rivets and how to use eyelets.
Saturday was the big day! The Julie and Kellie showed up bright and early the day of the Artisan Market ready to go.  And good thing too, since there was a steady stream of people coming in the door all day long.  Some came to do their normal bead shopping, some came for the market and some came just to see TierraCast! One customer event told me that she closed her own shop down early that day so she could come to do the make-n-take.  She makes beautiful micro-macrame bracelets using the TierraCast findings. See a pic of her work here.
On Saturday morning, the ladies made the same flower and metal focal that they did on Friday.  Then, in the afternoon, they made a riveted stacked leather flower pendant.  It was fun for the whole family!  There were crafters young and old who stopped by the work table to take advantage of the lovely things TierraCast has to offer.  In the middle of running around all day, I even got a chance to make each of the make-n-takes.  You can see what I made in the picture below! Super fun and cute too!
Not only did we love having the TierraCast ladies in our store, but they had a great time as well.  We hope they will be able to join us next year for our Artisan Market.  The make-n-take was so well received I think it just has to become an annual thing!  And in exciting news, Shipwreck Beads has expanded our inventory of TierraCast products.  With thousands of items in stock, including the all new Maker’s Collection (see my recent blog post using their new line here,) you will be sure to find the perfect TierraCast item for your project.  I have my eyes on quite a few items that will be coming home with me very soon!


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