Looking for an easy project to tackle this weekend?  Well, this easy tutorial is just for you!  With just a few simple steps and minimal supplies, you can have yourself an awesome pair of earrings as fast as you can count to three.  All you need for each earring is THREE quartz crystals, TWO eye pins, and ONE earring wire.

4pc – Copper Eye Pins – 2 inch
1pr – Copper Ear Wires
6pc – Polished Quartz Spears


1) String three quartz crystals onto an eye pin.  Trim the wire and make a loop. (Images 2-4)
2) Make a loop on the end of an eye pin.  Be sure that the loops are facing in the same direction. (Images 5-6)
3) Grasp the center of the eye pin with the large side of your bail making pliers (or the barrel of a marker, like a Sharpie) and make a horseshoe shape. (Images 7-8)
4) Open the loops on the curved eye pin and insert the loops from the beaded link.  (Images 9-11)
5) Add an earring wire to the curved section.  (Image 11)
6) Repeat all steps to complete the earring set.  (Image 12)
7) WEAR!

Products shown above: Antique brass eye pins, antique brass ear wire, stone spears.

Don’t let the name fool you, because you don’t have to stick to the 3 beads per earring!  This technique is easily adapted with any number (or size or shape) of beads.  Below, you can see how I used this same technique with just a single drop.

Products shown above: Silver eye pins, silver ear wire, bi-color amethyst drops.

Products shown above: silver eye pins, silver ear wires, silver jump rings, prehnite rough spear nuggets.

These are my favorite pair of earrings.  When the buyers brought all the yummy beads back from Tucson, I absolutely fell in love with this strand of raw prehnite spears.  Pricy as they are, I had to take home a strand.  I made these earrings and have been wearing them practically every day since.

Personally, I think this style of earring looks best with natural materials, like the rough cut stones above.  I love how rugged and organic they look.  It would be cool to try a dressier version with cut crystal drops, like these!  Hope you have a sunny and creative weekend!


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