About a week ago, I was watching some videos on the Vintaj blog and saw an amazing ring on the finger of Mackie Mullane, the instructor.  It was a video about riveting and I think I spent more time trying to get a good look at her ring! I’m pretty sure I had to watch it twice.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.42.06 PM Image from a screen cap of this video.

I looked on Amazon and Etsy and just a plain ole’ Google image search because I was in love.  I needed to have that ring!!  I found several I liked, but call me cheap (they were all around $20) but I just didn’t want to pay for one.  So, when I came upon this Vintaj feather pendant while doing my showroom demos on Halloween, I immediately set out to see if I could turn it into a ring!


This natural brass piece is less than $6 and is just over 3 inches in length.  And let me tell you, it is now my new favorite ring! I have added it to the rest of my favorites and find myself wearing it daily.  It’s the perfect size for my middle finger and I just love the contrast of the brass with the silver and white gold of the other rings I wear every day.  Here is a quick little tutorial, it takes less than 5 minutes to make and you only need a couple of tools to do it.

Feather Pendant (VJ6040-L)
File (FI501)
Hammer (MS153-2)
Ring Mandrel (MS143-AL)
Cutters (Lindstrom Shears, FI4006-LS)
Nylon Jaw Pliers (FI4002)


1) Using the Lindstrom Shears, trim off the tail end of the feather.  Feel free to skip this step.  I decided to cut it off because I am very accident prone and didn’t want to have anything sharp that I could get snagged on.  It’s not really that sharp, but to me, it just seemed like an accident waiting to happen.
2) Smooth out the surface with the file.  When filing metal, it’s important to only go in one direction.  Push the file against the metal pointing it away from yourself.  Never “saw” (back and forth) the file against the surface.
3) The top end of the feather has a slight flip up, use your nylon jaw pliers to flatten it out.
4) Gripping with your nylon jaw pliers, gently begin shaping the feather into a circle.  Go slow, shaping a little bit at a time. You can also shape the ring around the mandrel at this time, I chose to do it free-handed.
5) Once you have made a circle, slip the ring onto the ring mandrel.  With the raw hide attachment of the hammer, gently tap the ring into shape.  Turn the ring and shape it into a uniform round shape. (Feel free to ignore my horribly chipped manicure! Eek!)

That’s it! You are done!! If you look at Image 11 in the picture above, you will see the ring I made for myself as well as the ring I made for this tutorial.  When I first made the ring, I hadn’t intended on sharing it on the blog, but I love it so much I couldn’t help but share it with you all! Anyway, you can see how the ring on the top is a little bit brighter and that occurred naturally just from wear.



With a project so inexpensive and EASY, this would make a great Christmas gift.  Yes, its time to start thinking about gift giving.  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for unique, handmade gifts! This ring is big and chunky and is the perfect statement piece of jewelry.  Whether you are making one for your self or give one to a friend, this ring is sure to become a jewelry staple!


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