So what did you all think of the pictures from our Tucson haul? Pretty great, right? Believe me when I say that I have been just as impatient as the rest of you, waiting for all of these gorgeous stones to be available to play with. I spent the last week playing with rocks and making pretty things and have several new tutorials in the queue to share.

First up, I could not wait to get my hands on these amethyst-tipped quartz crystals.  I envisioned an elegant lariat style necklace with the quartz crystals cascading down the center.  The resulting necklace is stunning in its simplicity.  It would look great dressed up with a cocktail dress and heels or down with jeans and a simple t-shirt.

3pc – Amethyst Tipped Crystals
20pc – 4mm Faceted Amethyst Rounds
1pc – TierraCast Infinity Connector
20pcs- Silver Eye Pins
18in – TierraCast Cable Chain
9in – TierraCast Curb Chain
30in – 22 Gauge Silver Craft Wire
5pc – 4mm Jump Ring
2pc – 6mm Jump Ring
1pc – Lobster Clasp
1) String an amethyst round onto a head pin and make a simple loop to create a beaded link  Repeat 20 times. (Images 1-4)  When making a large number of loops, I like to string all of my beads onto my head pins, then make all of my bends, then trim, then loop in an assembly line style process.  For this project I use hand turned loops instead of using the One Step Looper.  While the looper tool is very quick and convenient, it makes smaller loops than the loop on the eye pin.  I wanted a more uniform look for this project.
2) Use your chain nose pliers to open one side of your loops and link your 20 beaded links together.  This will give you approximately 9 inches of beaded chain.  Set aside.  (Images 5-8)
3) Cut three lengths of craft wire, 10 inches each.  (Image 9)
4) Messily wrap each of the three amethyst tipped quartz crystals. (Images 10-16)
5) Trim three lengths of the small cable chain.  One length each measuring 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches.
6) On one end of the chain, connect the wrapped crystal with a 4mm jump ring. (Image 17)
7) String the three lengths of chain onto a 6mm jump ring.  (Image 18)
8) Carefully thread the jump ring and chain through the infinity link starting from the back (the textured side) and attach the jump ring to the top of the infinity connector.  (Image 19-21)
9) Connect the curb chain and beaded chain to a 4mm jump ring and attach to the 6mm jump ring at the top of the infinity link. (Image 22-24)
10) Attach the lobster claw to the beaded chain with a 4mm jump ring.  Finish by attaching a 6mm jump ring to the curb chain and you are finished!


The first batch of Tucson Treasures are up on the website and available for sale.  Right now, you can 20% off all of the new items.  Get them while you can as they are limited in quantity and not available for re-order! Once they are gone, they are GONE!! I know I will be picking up quite a few of these items for my personal bead stash!


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  • February 25, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Its a pretty sweet necklace

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