As you may remember from my Oscar Jewelry post a few weeks back, Olivia Wilde was my favorite celebrity at the event. I loved everything about her look. Her fresh-faced make up with the flirty cat-eye. The classy high-necked black dress highlighting her baby bump and expertly paired with boatloads of diamond, platinum and white jade jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. Her whole look was perfection!  It was her earrings that really captured my eye however.  Especially since the white jade drops reminded me so much of one of the new items from our Tucson haul.  I knew I could easily (and inexpensively) recreate them in just a few minutes!

OliviaEarring I couldn’t find a price tag for the earrings Olivia wore, but seeing as how they were diamond, platinum and white jade I can only image how expensive they must be.  My version can  be created for practically pennies in comparison.  For just under $25.00, you can create your own Oscar worthy jewelry for your next black tie affair.  Or you know, Tuesday.  Or any other day you want to wear a pair of fancy earrings.

2pc – Reconstituted Faceted Ivory Drop
2pc – Small TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc – Large TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc – Pave Rhinestone Ball
2pc – Silver Head Pin
2pc – Silver Eye Pin
1pr – Silver Rhinestone Lever Back Earrings
*Shopping List Available HERE*

OscarEarringSteps Steps:
1) Stack beads on the head pins in the following order: large bead cap, bone drop, small bead cap.  (Image 2)
2) Make a loop with a pair of round nose pliers. Note: The head pin is just long enough to stack the beads and make a small loop.  I used this pair of round nose pliers as they have a fine tip to make a very small loop. (Images 3-4)
3) String the rhinestone balls onto the eye pins and make a loop as shown. (Images 6-8)
4) Open the loops with a pair of  chain nose pliers and connect the pieces in the order shown.  (Images 9-12)


Wasn’t that easy?  In just a couple of minutes you can have your own red carpet ready earrings! Enjoy!


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