A couple of my dearest friends are getting married this Saturday.  I am so excited to be able to see them get hitched and even more excited that the bride asked me to make her some beaded sandals for the big day.  Or rather, she told me she was going to buy some and I shut that down right away!  Since the happy couple are getting married outside, the bride didn’t want to deal with wearing heels.  Not to mention the hours of standing and dancing and celebrating.  I love her non-traditional footwear choice!  The wedding colors are grey, white, and yellow, so that is the color palate I went with.  Yellow can be a hard color to tame and since it was bridal jewelry, I wanted to focus on the white and sparkles, all while adding little pops of color to tie it all together.  The silk ribbons make the sandals easy to adjust, size wise, and they add a luxurious, romantic finishing touch.

Czech Seed Bead Mix White Crystal – SB525-21
Preciosa Rhinestone Rondell Crystal Silver 4.5mm – 71CC212-S
Czech Faceted Round Alabaster Wedding Luster 6mm – 6FC312-WA
Czech Glass Pearl Silver Gray 6mm – 6GP607
Czech Faceted Round Opal Medium Yellow 4mm – 4FC220-D
Czech Glass Pearl White 5mm – 5GP612
Czech Glass Pearl White 4mm – 4GP612
Czech Glass Pearl Silver Gray 4mm – 4GP607
Tierracast Crimp Tube 2x2mm Bright Silver – TC0030-BS
Tierracast Crimp Cover 3mm Bright Silver – TC0032-BS
Fairy Silk Ribbon White 1 Meter 1.5cm – 90RN112
Beadalon Silver .015 19-strand 30 Feet Spool – FI295-30

Supply list found HERE.



1) Cut two pieces of beading wire 24 inches each.  String 40pc of seed beads onto both strands of wire. (Images 1-2)
2) Gather the strands together and string on a 6mm white fire polished bead (6FC), a rhinestone rondel and another 6FC.  (Image 3)
3) Separate the strands so that there are two on each side.  String beads on each side in this order: 4mm yellow FC (4FC), 5mm white pearl (5GP), rhinestone rondell, 6mm grey pearl (6GP), rhinestone rondell, 5GP, and 4FC.  Repeat pattern on the opposite side. (Image 4)
4) Separate the strands and this time bead on only one strand of beading wire on each side.  String in this order: 5GP, 4mm white pearl (4GP white), 4mm grey pearl (4GP grey), pearl seed bead (SB), 6FC, SB, 4GP grey, 4GP white. Repeat the pattern on the opposite side. (Image 5)
5) Gather the two strings in the center and string the following beads: 4FC, 5GP, rhinestone rondell, 5GP, 4FC. (Image 6)
6) On the lower left beading wire, string beads in the following order: SB, 4GP grey, SB, 4FC, SB, 6GP, rhinestone rondell, 6FC, rhinestone rondell, 6GP, SB, 4FC, SB, 4GP grey, SB. (Image 7)
7) Separate the two strands from the center section and string the beads on the left string. In this order: 4GP white, SB, 4GP grey, 5GP, rhinestone rondell, 6FC, rhinestone rondell, 5GP, 4GP grey, SB, 4GP white. (Image 8)
8) Bring both left string together and string on a yellow 4FC. String on a crimp bead and secure it using a pair of crimp bead pliers. Cover with a crimp cover. (Images 9-10)
9) Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 on the opposite side. (Image 11)
10) On each side, string beads on both strands of beading wire in the following order: SB, 4GP grey, SB, 5GP, 6GP, rhinestone rondell, 6FC, rhinestone rondell, 6GP, 5GP, SB, 4GP grey, SB. Add a crimp bead and secure it with pliers, then cover with a crimp cover.  Trim away one of the strings of beading wire so that only one strand on each side remains. (Images 12-14)
11) On each side, string: 4FC, 4GP grey, 4GP white, crimp bead, 15pc seed beads. Bring the end of the wire back through the crimp bead to create a loop.  Secure with pliers and cover with a crimp cover.  (Images 15-18)
12) Thread one piece of silk ribbon through each loop. (Images 19-20)
13) Repeat all steps to create the second sandal.
14) To wear, place the beaded loop around the second toe and wrap the silk ribbon around the ankle as shown in the image below.


This tutorial has quite a few steps but is still pretty easy to construct.  I hope my instructions make sense with the pattern of the beads used.  When it comes to the patterns, however, you can make it any way you like.  I love mixing the textures of the pearls and the cut glass beads.  You may have noticed that I used quite a few crimp beads to complete the sandals.  While I am sure that was a little bit of overkill, the last thing I want is for these to fall apart in the middle of the ceremony!  This is the first time I have ever made a pair of barefoot sandals and it is really important that they are going hold up.  I even used some super glue on the final crimps just for a little extra security.  Apply a little bit of clear nail polish to the ends of the silk ribbons to prevent them from fraying.

Sandals1 SandalFoot4

I love how these turned out, I really do.  My daughter, who would never wear shoes if it was allowed, has already requested (or, you know, demanded… 10 year olds have so much attitude!) a pair of her own.  When I showed them to her she said, “those are PERFECT for me, mom!”   For my first pair of barefoot sandals, I think they turned out pretty good and I am excited to make a set for myself!

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Enjoy the rest of your week, beady friends.  I myself will be taking a long weekend so today is my Friday.  With the rehearsal dinner on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and the 4th on Monday, I have a lot to prepare for.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


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