I am so excited about the newest line of tools we just brought in.  The Create Recklessly line of leather working tools by the Beadsmith has everything you need to get started making gorgeous leather jewelry in no time.  We now carry 8×10 leather sheets in 9 different colors as well as leather cuff bracelets in three sizes and colors.  We also have 7 colors of paint, specially formulated for use on leather.  When you add that to the TierraCast line of leather and components, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve never done much leather work before, so I wanted to do an easy project to get familiar with the tools.  The Create Recklessly Leather Tool Kit Deluxe includes 17 different attachments and has everything you need to set snaps, eyelets, grommets, and rivets, as well as pierce lacing holes and slots for decorative elements. For this tutorial, I use the Tool Kit Deluxe and the Tooling Board to create a simple beaded cuff using the leather cuff bracelets that already have the snaps attached.

Leather Snap Bracelet 
8/0 Seed Beads (8SB185-M and 8SB150, pictured)
Wildfire Beading Thread
G-S Hypo Cement 

Create Recklessly Leather Tool Kit Deluxe
Create Recklessly Angled Leather Knife
Create Recklessly Rotary Cutter
Create Recklessly Tooling Board with Ruler
Rawhide Mallet (MS153-2 or MS145)
Retractable Thread Burner
Leather Needles

1) Lay your desired leather cuff on the tooling board.  Using the included ruler, find the center of the bracelet and mark every 3/4 inches with a pencil.  (Images 1-2)
2) Screw the three-prong chisel attachment into tool base.  When it comes time to change the attachment, use the chuck key to provide leverage to unscrew it.  (Images 3-4)
3) Place the three-prong chisel onto your mark and then hammer gently with either a rawhide mallet or the rawhide head of the multi-faced hammer, to create the holes. (Images 6-7)
4) Thread the needle (I used the smallest needle in the red section of the needle pack) with beading thread and bring it up through the first hole from the underside of the cuff.  String 9 beads onto the string and thread the needle through the cuff. Skip a hole and then bring your needle up through the back side of the bracelet in the outermost hole.  (Image 8)
5) String on 9 bead and thread through the bracelet.  Tie a knot on the backside of the bracelet.  (Images 9-10)
6) Bring your needle up through the cuff, entering the center of the second set of holes.  String 9 beads and bring your needle back through the bracelet.  (Image 11)
7) Repeat the pattern until you have beaded through all of the holes.  (Image 12)
8) Tie off the string on the back of the cuff.  Trim the excess string with the thread burner and add a drop of glue to the knot to secure.  (Images 13-15)

I just stuck with a simple pattern on these bracelets but it would be really easy to add additional rows of beading or create patterns with different colors of beads.  The size 8/0 seed bead is the smallest size seed bead that my needle would fit through but you could also try a size 6/0 seed bead for even more variations!

I used a white string on both bracelets because that is what I had on had, but a black thread on the black bracelet would be much less obvious on the black cuff.  You can also color the white thread black with a permanent marker, which is what I ended up doing.  If you are worried about the knot being too rough or the threads catching, try gluing a pretty ribbon or a piece of felt to the inside of the bracelet to protect the stitches.

ThreeUsing a leather cuff with the snap already attached eliminates several steps to the process.  If you wanted to experiment with cutting your own bracelet and adding the snaps yourself, we have all the supplies to do so.  You can find the snaps on our website HERE.  TierraCast makes a pretty snap cover that can be glued on top of the snap to make it more decorative.  The tools needed to set the snaps are included in the Leather Tool Kit Deluxe.

I can’t wait to experiment more with the leather sheets and paints.  This whole line of tools and supplies makes me so excited at all the creating possibilities.  Have you incorporated leather into your jewelry designs?  What do you think of the Create Recklessly line of tools?


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