The wet, dreary weather, and long winters nights have me dreaming for spring so for today’s post, I went into our showroom and pulled the brightest assortment of Czech glass beads I could find.  I’ve been wanting to experiment with the new Chilli Beads from Preciosa and this project seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Using a TierraCast shank button as the center piece, I created this flowing lariat-style necklace with a warm, tropical feel.  Featuring two holes, the Chilli beads work well in this woven, multi-strand design.

8ft – Soft Touch .014 21 Strand 10 Feet Satin Silver, 14SF212-10
6pc – Tierracast Crimp Tube 2x2mm Bright Silver, TC0030-BS
6pc – Tierracast Crimp Cover 3mm Bright Silver, TC0032-BS
1pc – Tierracast Button Czech Flower 17mm Antique Silver, TC6579-AS
1se – Tierracast Toggle Clasp Floral 22mm Antique Silver, TC6196-AS
3pc – Czech Chilli Two Hole Opaque Orange 4x11mm, 42CM132
3pc – Czech Chilli Two Hole Opaque Red Silver Luster 4x11mm, 42CM341-W
3pc – Czech Chilli Two Hole Opaque Yellow 4x11mm, 42CM122
3pc – Czech Chilli Two Hole Pacific Aqua Pastel 4x11mm, 42CM665-P
8pc – Czech Chilli Two Hole White Pastel Pearl 4x11mm, 42CM612-P
200pc – Czech Faceted Round Pearl White 3mm, 3FC612
12pc – Czech Faceted Round Medium Orange 3mm, 3FC132
12pc – Czech Faceted Round Opaque Medium Dark Coral 3mm, 3FC136-5
12pc – Czech Faceted Round Opal Medium Yellow 4mm, 4FC220-2
12pc – Czech Faceted Round Opaque Light Red 4mm, 4FC142
12pc – Czech Faceted Round Opal Aqua 4mm, 4FC260
100pc – Czech Faceted Round Alabaster Wedding Luster 4mm, 4FC312-WA


1) Cut the beading wire into 4 24 inch pieces.
2) String on one crimp bead, two 3mm pearl white beads, the top hole of a chilli bead and another white pearl bead.  (Image 1)
3) Bring the end of the string through the third pearl bead and crimp bead.  Adjust the beads until the chilli bead is centered.  Secure the crimp bead with a pair of crimp bead pliers and trim the excess wire.  Attach a crimp cover over the crimp bead.  (Images 2-4)
4) Repeat steps 2-3, above with the additional 3 colors (not white pearl) chilli beads.
5) String on the 3-4mm fire polished beads in a random order.  Graduate the length of each strand from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches.  (Images 6-8)
6) Thread all four strands through the button shank, positioning the button so the flower is at the bottom.  Trim the beading wire so that the strings are the same length.  (Image 9)
7) Group two strands together and string on a 4mm white luster bead.  Repeat with the additional 2 strands.
8) Place a 3mm white pearl bead on each string, followed by a 4mm on both strings and followed by a while pearl bead on each strand.  Follow this pattern with a chilli bead, with a string going through either hole. Repeat on the opposite site.  (Images 10-11)
9) Repeat steps 7-8, using a white chilli bead in the pattern, followed by a colored one.  Use the pictures to follow the pattern exactly, or choose to string the beads randomly.  (Image 12)
10) Continue to repeat steps 7-8, until one each of the colored chilli beads and 4 white pearl chilli beads have been used. (Image 13)
11) String on white luster beads and colored fire polished beads until the desired necklace length has been reached.  (Image 14)
12) Thread on a crimp bead then one half of the toggle clasp.  Secure the crimp bead with a pair of crimp bead pliers and cover with a crimp bead cover.  Repeat on the opposite side of the necklace with the other half of the clasp.  (Images 15-16)

Birds1  Birds-Necklace3     Birds-Necklace1

Feel free to experiment on the placement of the colored beads.  I think a random pattern looks most appealing.  With over 60 colors of Chilli Beads and thousands of fire polished beads, you can easily adapt this pattern to your favorite color scheme.  TierraCast even has over 40 styles and colors of shank button to choose from.  The possibilities are endless!

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