My favorite football team may be on bye this week but you know I would never let that stop me from showing my team spirit!  Did you know Shipwreck Beads carries an exclusive line of 12 charms, pendants and more?  Find all the 12 components pictured above HERE!

This bracelet is so easy to make.  I know I say that all the time but this one is seriously simple.  Even better?  It’s seriously affordable too!  You can purchase all the supplies you need to make 2 bracelets for under $25!  Find all the supplies you need HERE.

Preciosa Rhinestone Neon Green Indicolite Ss13

Preciosa Rhinestone Navy Banding Peridot Ss13
Slide End Tube Clasp Set 20mm Silver
Jump Ring Silver 6mm 18 Gauge 260pc/25 Gram
Tierracast 12 Charm Double Sided Antique Silver 15mm



1) Cut four pieces of rhinestone banding, two green and two blue, measuring 6 inches each.
2) Slide the banding between the gaps in the slide tube clasp.  Widen the opening slightly with pliers if necessary.
3) Continue adding the additional three pieces of rhinestone banding.  Alternate colors.
4) Use a pliers to bend down the metal flap to secure banding into clasp.
5) Repeat steps 2-4 above, with the opposite side of the bracelet.
6) Connect 12 charm to bracelet with a jump ring.

We have over 50 styles of the plastic rhinestone banding from Preciosa, so even if you aren’t a Hawks fan like me, you can still whip up this cute little bracelet.  The slide tube clasps come in both silver and gold and have three different sizes available.  You can make your bracelet skinnier or wider depending on your preference.

Shop right now and SAVE 20% off your web or phone order until December 19th.  Save an additional 10% on all pewter charms and components including TierraCast until November 12th.



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