Here is a simple yet stunning bead stringing project to get November started off right.  This necklace was inspired by the colors of an autumn sunrise on the Pacific Northwest.  Although brunch hours rarely coincide with the sunrise, I thought this beautiful necklace, featuring brand new Pendulum beads from Swarovski Crystal, looked like something one might wear out to a mimosa-soaked brunch with girlfriends.

6pc – Swarovski Pendulum Metallic Sunshine 10x7mm
5pc – Swarovski Pendulum Metallic Sunshine 8×5.5mm
40pc – Swarovski Xilion Diamond Metallic Sunshine 5x5mm
50pc – Swarovski Crystal Rose Peach Pearl 4mm
1pc – Tierracast Toggle 17mm Sunburst Antique Gold
20in – Softflex Wire Bronze .014 21-strand 30ft Spool
2pc – Tierracast Crimp Tube 2x2mm Bright Gold
2pc – Crimp Bead Cover Yellow Gold 4mm
2pc – Wire Guardians Gold Plate .022 Inch Hole
Supply List available HERE


1) In an alternating pattern, string 15pcs each of the 4mm pearls and 5mm bicones.
2) String the pendulum beads in the following order: large pendulum, pearl, bicone, pearl, small pendulum, pearl, bicone, pearl.  Repeat the pattern until all the pendulum beads have been used.
3) Repeat step 1 to finish stringing the necklace.
4) String a crimp bead onto the beading wire. (Image 3)
5) Thread the wire through a wire guardian. (Image 4)
6) String the clasp through the wire guardian and back through the crimp bead. (Image 5-6)
7) Make sure the crimp is close to the wire guardian and crimp with the crimp bead pliers. Cover with a crimp bead cover.  (Image 7-8)  See how-to crimp HERE.
8) Trim the beading wire from the spool and attach the opposite end of the toggle clasp as done in steps 4-7, above. (Images 9-10)

Champagne6 Champagne9  Champagne3

These pictures hardly do this necklace justice.  The Metallic Sunshine Pendulum beads have a luminous golden glow and look just as beautiful when worn with the metallic coating facing forward.  The finished necklace measures 18 inches and takes about an hour to complete.  While being a beginner level project, this necklace features lots of sparkle and is the perfect delicate accessory for any occasion (including brunch!!)


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