HalloweenBraid Fall is here! Fall is here! That means Halloween is on its way. Other than Christmas, Halloween has got to be my favorite holiday, especially when it comes to crafting. There are so many great DIY opportunities from costumes to home decor, and of course, jewelry!

I’ve been trying to hold off getting started on my Halloween crafting, seeing as how September just started, but I really can’t wait any longer. So, when Shipwreck Beads announced that all our Halloween items would be 15% off, I figured now is the PERFECT opportunity to whip up some spooky new sparklers.

Ultra Micro-Fiber Suede Lace (SL109-3, SL136-3, SL183-3)
Small D-Ring Toggle (TC6186-AP)
5pc Barrel Bead (TC5792-AP)
Bat Charm (TC2380-GM)
Pumpkin Bead (14VN663)
Dark Purple Glass Bead (6FC299-5)
Jump Rings (FI208-TS and 6FI221-AS)
24 Gauge Craft Wire (24CW815)
2pc Head Pins (FI61-2AS)

1) Cut 12 inches each of three colors of Ultra Micro-Fiber Suede Lace. (Image 1)
2) Braid the three strands together. I used a clip board to hold the strands in place while I braided. (Image 2)
3) Carefully string on the 5 barrel beads so the strands do not come un-raveled.  It will be a snug fit. (Image 3)
4) String the braided ends through the slot in the D-ring clasp.  (Image 4)
5) Cut 6 inches of craft wire.  Wrap tightly around the braid to secure it to the clasp.  Tuck the end of the wire under with a flat nose plier. (Image 5)
6) Trim the excess lace.  (Image 6)
7) Measure the bracelet to fit your wrist and repeat steps 4-6.
8) Add the T-bar part of the clasp to one side of the rings by attaching one jump ring to the D-ring and a second jump ring to the T-bar then linking the two jump rings together.  You can only use one jump ring at this step, but I find that clasp is easier to use if there is a little extra length. (Images 7)
9) Using the head pins, create a simple loop charm with the purple glass bead and the pumpkin bead. (Image 8)
10) Attach the charms to the clasp with the jump rings.  Stagger the beads by linking the purple bead to the jump ring on the pumpkin.  Link the pumpkin to the jump ring on the bat. Attach the bat to the clasp as shown.

There you go, a quick little bracelet to get you in the Halloween spirit!  By changing the colors, this piece can easily be customized for any time of year!  If you are feeling a little ambitious you should give this “deluxe” Halloween Charm Bracelet a try!  It consists of 7 separate strands to make one awesome loaded charm bracelet.   With some basic jewelry techniques, you can create this fun piece of jewelry.  CharmHalloween
Ultra Micro-Fiber Suede Lace (SL109-3, SL136-3, SL183-3)
D-Ring Toggle (TC6190-AP)
5pc Large Barrel Bead (TC5792-AP)
7pc Small Barrel Bead (TC5791-AP)
14pc Nugget Heishi (TC0436-RP)
15pc 6mm Orange Faceted Glass Bead (6FC231)
19pc 6mm Dark Purple Faceted Glass Bead (6FC299-5)
4pc 8mm Black Faceted Glass Bead (8FC109)
6pc 8mm Orange Faceted Glass Bead (8FC134)
13pc 5mm Green Faceted Bicone (84FC183)
Jump Rings (FI208-TS and 6FI221-AS)
19pc Head Pins (FI61-2AS)
4pc Leather Ends (FI137-S)
2pc Ribbon Ends (12FI81-S)
1 foot TierraCast Chain (TX0325-IR)
1 each TierraCast Halloween Charms (Grave stone, Cat, Bat, Witch, Zombie, Pumpkin, Owl, Ghost)
49 Strand Bead Stringing Wire (FI294-30)
Crimp Tubes (FI163-GM)
Wire Guardians (FI174-GM)

As you can see, this bracelet is MUCH more involved, considering it is actually 7 separate bracelets attached to one clasp. The construction, however, is pretty basic.  The center strand is the same as the bracelet from the tutorial above, except the ends are finished off with a ribbon crimp.  The next two strands, on either side of the braid, are chain attached to the clasp with the jump rings.  Each length of chain consists of 4 Halloween charms and groupings of glass beads hanging from head pins.  The next two strands are glass beads strung onto beading wire and finished with wire guardians and crimp beads.  The outermost strands are micro-fiber suede lace with the smaller barrel beads and knotted, finished off with leather ends.  Separately, each strand could be its own unique bracelet but when stacked together, they create a stunning arm party!  My favorite part about this bracelet (I’m wearing it now) is the jingling sound it makes every time my hand moves! Soon though, it will be on display in our showroom to give our customers extra inspiration.


Right now, all Halloween items are 15% off at Shipwreck Beads. Get the supplies you need to make the bracelets I shared with you today for a bargain! For more great Halloween projects, check out this post featuring project ideas by TierraCast! If you make either of the projects featured in this post (or any project using supplies from Shipwreck Beads) be sure to share them with us.  We are on Facebook and Twitter AND Instagram.  Be sure to use #ShipwreckBeads and we may just feature you on our Facebook page or in an upcoming blog post!


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    I think it is spooky yet fashionable and smart looking!


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    Super cute!

    • November 2, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Yes, we are getting ready for Christmas presents (hand made).


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