For as much as I love making festive holiday-themed jewelry, you’d probably be surprised to learn that I don’t really wear that much of it.  I mean, the Sparkling Specter earrings from my last post were cute just not my everyday style.  But these… oooooooo, I love these!  Look at dem bones  Put these babies on and they dance in your ears.  Why save these earrings for Halloween?  Skulls are popular all the time, right?  With a wide range of skull beads available these can be made in many different colors, try using stone or Swarovski’s fabulous crystal skulls!

2pc – Skull Beads1ST50-BL
2pc – SS10 Flat Back Crystal
16pc – 3-4mm Beads – 4FC509-5
10pc – TierraCast Bone Link
8pc – Head Pins
10pc – Eye Pins
12pc – 5mm Jump Ring
1pr – Ear Wires
GS Hypo Cement
1-Step Looper Tool
Round Nose Pliers
Flat or Chain Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters


1) Place a small dot of glue into the eyes of the skull beads.  Place a crystal in each eye.  Allow adhesive to dry before working with the beads. (Images 1-3)
2) Thread the skull beads onto eye pins and make a simple loop. (Images 4-5)  Note: I found it difficult to use the looper tool on the skull beads so I made these loops by hand.  The rest of the loops were made with the 1-Step Looper.  
3) Place your 4mm beads onto the head and eye pins.  Use the looper tool or make simple loops by hand.  You will have 8 black bead links and 8 black bead dangles.  (Images 6-9)
4) Connect a black bead link to the bottom link of the skull bead.  Attach a bone link to the bottom of the black bead for the body.  (Images 10-12)
5) Attach two bone links to the top hole of the first bone link with jump rings for the arms.  Attach a black bead dangle to the bottom of each bone link arm.
6) Connect a black bead link to the bottom loop in the bone link body piece.  (Image 13) Using jump rings, attach bone links for the legs to the bottom loop of the black link bead.  (Image 14)
7) On the bottom loop of each of the bone link legs, connect a black bead link and a black bead dangle.  (Image 15)
8) Attach an ear wire to the top loop of the skull bead to complete.  (Image 16)


Tell me these aren’t adorable! I think I need a pair in every color. Find the supply list for these earrings HERE.


I also had to make a second version using the new Light Chrome crystal skulls and some of the leftover beads from the Sparkling Specter earrings.  You can find the supply list for this pair of earrings HERE.


Don’t these put you in the mood for candy and Jack-o-Lanterns?  Just in case I’m not the only one who has been humming the song in their head for this entire post, here is a link to the Dem Bones song on YouTube.  Enjoy!


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