DenimEleganceTitle I’ve been wanting to do a leather and pearl project for a while so when our buyers purchased some large hole pearls in Tucson, I snatched them right up. This necklace is the perfect combination of casual and dressy. It can be worn with jeans and a white tee or with a dress to a spring wedding. By combining the different textures of stone, pearls and leather and adding just a hint of shine, you can create a statement piece you will want to wear every day!

1 spool Brown Leather Cord – 10LC154
1 strand Large Hole Pearl 9mm – 9FP613-LH
1 strand Large Hole Pearl 15mm – 15FP613-LH
1 strand Sunset Dumortierite – 10ST655-LH
6 pieces Sterling Round with Flowers- 10SS547
12 pieces Bead Cap 8mm – 8SS854
2 pieces Revolving End Cap – 3BR350-AS
4 pieces Silver Jump Ring 6mm – 6FI221-AS
1 piece TierraCast Heart Toggle Clasp – TC6124-RP
E-6000 Adhesive – FI399

DenimElegance-Steps NecklacePattern Steps:
1) Cut 8 strands of leather, 4 feet each.
2) Working with one strand at a time, make your first over-hand knot about 12 inches from the end of the leather.  String on a bead according to the pattern above then make another knot.  Leave about 1.5 inches in between each bead. Complete the rest of the pattern. (Image 2-5)
3) Repeat the pattern above with 5 of the leather strands, until you have 6 total.
4) With the remaining 9mm pearls, (I had 14 remaining) make two more knotted strands, this time spacing each bead one inch apart.
5) Lay out each of the 8 strands flat in front of you and adjust the placement of the beads until they are arranged evenly.  Use an over-hand knot to tie all the strands together on each side. (Image 6)
6) Trim the ends to about a half of an inch.  (Image 7-8)
7) Place a small amount of glue on the end and place them into the end crimp.  Allow to dry for several minutes. (Image 9)
8) Once the glue has dried, crimp the center of the end cap securely.  (Image 10)
9) Connect the clasp with the jump rings and your necklace is ready to wear! (Images 11-12)

Necklace-fullNecklace-close The finished necklace measures about 20 inches and is a great length. It could easily be shortened for more of a choker-style necklace. If you prefer something a little longer, you can add some chunky chain to either side of the necklace.  The same technique can also be converted into a bracelet as well, if that’s more your style! To purchase all the materials for this project CLICK HERE and simply add to cart! Enjoy!

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