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We’ve finally got a taste of summer here in the northwest and all I can think about is slipping my feet into a pretty pair of sandals and hitting the beach. But alas, I am stuck here at work. Not that I’m complaining too much. I mean, I get to sit around and play with pretty beads all day so how bad can it be? I will admit though that the view from my window is very tantalizing.

One DIY project on my summer to-do list is to make a pair of bead and/or chain sandals. I found these examples across the web and plan on using them as inspiration if I even get around to actually making a pair. I think the ones with a mix or materials and textures.  The Prada pair, with the wood and stone beads, might just be my favorite!

Have you ever considered making your own pair of beaded sandals or fancy heels? Let me know by commenting on this post or share them on our Facebook page!


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