Commercial findings make jewelry making easy but they don’t always have a lot of variety other than color and size.  Plain manufactured items, however, are GREAT embellishing.  When making earrings, the French ear wire or shepherd’s hook styles tend to be the most popular.  For a little different look, you can go with a kidney ear wire.  Not only does the kidney wire have a secure closure to prevent lost earrings, but it also provides a perfect canvas for embellishing! In this post I will show you how to quickly and easily add a little bling to your ear wire for some one of a kind hardware!

Kidney Earwires
24 Gauge Craft Wire
Asst. Small Beads (4mm bicones works well)

1) Gently flatten the bent end of the kidney wire with a pair of nylon jaw pliers and straighten the wire slightly with your fingers.
2) Cut 4 inches of 24 gauge craft wire.
3) Begin wrapping the wire around the kidney wire. Make 4 full wraps.  Do not trim the tail until you are finished.  The wire will twist on the earring and the extra tail will give you something to hold onto.  (Image 1-2)
4) String a bead onto the kidney wire. (Image 3)
5) Wrap the wire around the bead and continue the wrap above it.  Make 2 full wraps. (Image 4)
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the next two beads. (Images 5-6)
7) Complete 4 full wraps above the last bead. (Image 6)
8) Trim the tails of the wire and tuck them under with a pair of chain nose pliers. (Images 7-8)
9) Re-bend the end of the kidney wire that will hook into the closure. (Images 9-10)
10) Make one in every color. (Image 11)
11) Use to complete a pair of earrings! (Image 12)

Here are a few pairs of earrings I made with some of my embellished kidney wires.

Pair 1 – Kidney wires, ruby bicones, ruby round, TierraCast hammered ring.
Pair 2 – Kidney wires, drop pendant, green bicones.
Pair 3 – Kidney wires, small purple bicones, medium purple bicones, flower charm (painted with Vintaj Patina!)
Pair 4 – Vintaj kidney wire, Herkimer diamonds, crystal round, large bead cap, small bead cap.

You will also need some basic findings like jump rings, head pins and eye pins to complete the styles shown above as well.

Here is another pair of earrings I created with the embellished kidney wires and some of our new Tucson items.  I purchased a strand of these gorgeous quartz spears for myself and have already used them in several projects.  This pair is a new favorite and it comes with a cute story too!

I always carry a notebook around in my purse. I use it to sketch jewelry ideas, make notes for work, and keep my kid busy in restaurants. One time while out to dinner, my girl Goose, was busy coloring in my notebook and she designed a pair of earrings. I really loved her design so I used it for inspiration as you can see in the picture above. Goose will turn 8 this Sunday and she is clearly following in Mom’s footsteps and I couldn’t be more proud of her!
Find all of the ingredients to make your own Goose-designed Glamorous Bohemian Earrings on our website HERE.  I hope you liked this tutorial and are on your way to creating some beautiful embellished ear wires! Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Embellished Kidney Wire Earrings

  • March 18, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    The earrings look lovely, with kidney wires there is always the danger of the dangler falling off when we open the loop but it can be safely wrapped with a wire and crystal bead to make it more pretty and practical at the same time

    • March 19, 2014 at 9:06 am

      That’s true, Divya. I usually give the loop part of the kidney wire a little squeeze with my pliers to close it up. Then the dangler is less likely to slip off. ~Kelsy

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