This interesting mix of matte black chain and findings, paired with faceted Czech glass fire polished beads makes the perfect accessory for a spooky Halloween costume.  I was inspired by several pins I had seen on Pinterest (Check out Shipwreck Beads Halloween Pinterest board HERE!) to create this necklace that resembles blood dripping from a vampire’s deadly kiss.

Matte Black Curb Chain (56CX2109)
Matte Black Beaded Link Chain (82CX1109)
Matte Black Head Pins (FI61-2MB)
Matte Black Lobster Clasp (15FI644-MB)
4mm Matte Black Jump Rings (4FI206-MB)
6mm Matte Black Jump Rings (FI207-MB)
Matte Black Crimp Beads (1FI160-B)
Black Soft Flex Beading Wire (14SF109)
4mm Faceted Round Light Garnet (4FC246-LT)
4mm Faceted Round Dark Ruby (4FC245)
4x7mm Faceted Drop Ruby (47FC244-J)


1) Cut 13-15 inches of curb chain.  The necklace should fit like a choker and be snug around your neck. Cut about 30 inches of black beading wire.
2) Attach a 6mm jump ring to the last link of the chain.  Using a crimp bead, attach the beading wire to the jump ring.
3) String on one faceted round garnet bead and thread your beading wire through the second link of curb chain.
4) Add a second garnet bead and thread the beading wire through the next link of chain from the opposite direction.
5) Continue stringing on beads and threading through the chain.  Be careful to keep the strands from twisting and try to keep the chain as straight as possible. Do not let the beads and chain bunch up.
6) Add a 6mm jump ring to the final link of chain and secure the beading wire to the jump ring with a crimp bead.
7) Thread two faceted drop beads onto head pins and create links using the One Step Looper and connect to two equal lengths of beaded link chain.  *NOTE* The jump rings do no go through the hole in the “bead” of the beaded link chain.  Be sure to leave the chain links attached.  Refer to the picture of the finished necklace for details.

Perfect loops every time with the One Step Looper! #looper #shipwreckbeads

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8) Connect the drops/links to the finished necklace about an inch left from center, to give the appearance of vampire bites on the side of the neck.
9) Create additional links using the faceted round dark ruby beads and the beaded link chain.  Alternate lengths of the dangles and attach to every other link in the curb chain.

10) To finish the necklace, attach the lobster clasp to one side.  On the opposite side alternate 4mm and 6mm jump rings.
11) For a more decorative finish, create another beaded link to add to the end.



This necklace will be the perfect addition to my Halloween costume. Can you guess what I plan on being this year?  Are you going to be creating anything for your own costume? What about for your kids?  My daughter wants to be Vanellope Von Schweetz, the character from Wreck It Ralph.  I’m not quite sure where I will be adding beads to her costume, bugle bead sprinkles perhaps? I’m a firm believer that Halloween costumes should be made, not purchased.

If you are using beads in your costume, hop on over to Instagram and share your costume creations with us using #ShipwreckBeads!!


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  • October 15, 2013 at 11:48 am

    That is so cool, would be perfect for my Vampire costume!

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