Sports-TitleFall is officially here in the Pacific Northwest and for some of us that means three things.  Broken dreams of baseball playoffs, the beginning of football season and pumpkin spice lattes!  I may prefer the pumpkin spice latte to football season, but I do still like to get dressed up to support my team on game day.  A tailgate party with good friends and lots of food can be hard to beat!  These easy-to-make leather earrings are the perfect way to show off your team spirit.

Leather straps (Brown and Light Grey)
TierraCast Eyelets
Jump Rings(4mm and 5mm)
Rhinestone Banding (Crystal and Ruby)
Head Pins
TierraCast Chain (TX0325-IR)
TierraCast Ear Wires (TC5120-02, shown)
Asst. Beads in Team Colors (4RD678-NL, 4RD686-NL6RD684-NL, 6FC815-F, shown.)

TierraCast Eyelet Setter
Bench Block
Rotary Leather Punch
One Step Looper
Side Cutter
Pliers (Chain Nose and Flat)

1) Download and print out the shape template.
2) Trace the image onto the leather twice.  I used a sharpie for the purposes of this tutorial.  A pencil will work just fine and won’t leave a mark on your leather.  (Image 1)
3) Cut out your traced image in the leather, creating two shapes.  (Image 2)
4) Using the smallest hole on the rotary punch, punch a hole in the top of each leather shape.  (Image 3)
5) Place an eyelet into the hole.  Center the eyelet onto the anvil, with the hole of the eyelet placed onto the raised area.  Hold the tool onto the eyelet and gently roll the eyelet setter around the eyelet as you hammer. (Images 4-5)
6) Trim the rhinestone chain to the desired length.  The footballs use 4 crystals and the baseballs use 7-8.  (Image 6)
7) Put a small dab of glue onto a scrap of paper and apply to the back of the rhinestone chain with a toothpick.  Place onto the leather as shown.  (Images 7-8)  For the footballs, be sure to alternate the placement of the crystals.  One should be placed along the left edge, the other on the right. (Image 9)
8) Thread desired beads onto head pins and make a beaded dangle using the looper tool.  Simple loops can also be created by hand. (Images 10-11)
9) Connect beads together using a jump ring.  (Images 12-13)
10) Using a set of chain nose or flat nose pliers, open up a link of chain. (NOTE: You can also just use a larger jump ring.  I prefer the look and shape of the chain instead.) Thread the link through the eyelet and add your beaded dangle before closing. (Images 14-15)
11) With a 4mm jump ring, connect the chain link to an ear wire. (Image 12)

I really love the way the baseballs turned out! I think they look nice just on their own but the added beads really make them pop.  They are fun and lightweight with just enough sparkle to make an impact!  Even if our Seattle team didn’t make it to the playoffs (again,) they will always be winners to us locals.
These footballs are my go-to earrings for game day, along with this bracelet from last season.  At first, I was a little worried they looked too much like leaves but once I added the beads in my team’s colors, the design all came together.
You can find a complete list of the supplies needed to make both pairs of the earrings shown in this post on our website.  The baseball earrings can be found HERE.  And the footballs can be found HERE.  I hope you enjoy these earrings as much as I do!

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  • September 20, 2014 at 3:29 am

    I really like these earrings. Great idea and tutorial! Thank you for sharing.

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