Earrings are my favorite jewelry making projects because they can be so quick and easy and still pack a lot of punch.  This pair of show-stopping pair of earrings are the perfect addition to any holiday outfit.  Paired with Satin Hamilton Gold, the colorful Swarovski crystals really sparkle and shine!  Even if earrings aren’t for you, they make terrific gifts.  Since many of our products are sold in multiples, you can easily whip up several pairs at a time!

2pc – Swarovski Pure Drop Golden Shadow Gold Cap 21mm
2pc – Link Flexible 11x40mm Satin Hamilton Gold
12pc – Swarovski Diamond Mix Force Of Nature 4mm
           Colors used: Luminous Green, Denim Blue, Fuchsia, Fern Green, Emerald Green, Vitrail Medium
12pc – Head Pin 2 Inch 22 Gauge Satin Hamilton Gold
8pc – Jump Ring Satin Hamilton Gold 5mm 18 Gauge
1pr – Earring Hidden Loop 23mm Satin Hamilton Gold


1) Place a bead on each headpin, using two of each of all of the colors in the mixture except Rose Gold. (Image 1)
2) Create a simple loop on each beaded headpin using round nose pliers OR the One-Step Looper. (Images 2-5)
3) Link together the Fuchsia and Luminous Green dangles onto a jump ring.  Connect the Fern Green and Vitrail Medium onto another jump ring. (Image 6)
4) In the following order, connect crystals to the bottom of the flexible gold link: Emerald Green, Fuchsia/Luminous Green link, Crystal Golden Shadow drop, Fern/Vitrail link, Denim Blue.  (Images 7)
5) Use a jump ring to connect the flexible gold link to the earring hook. (Image 8)
6) Repeat steps 3-5 to complete the pair. (Image 9)


The flexible link and multiple dangles add a lot of movement to the earrings, making them the perfect statement earring for the holiday season. If gold isn’t your thing, HERE is a link to make the same pair in silver!


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