Happy Tuesday, bead fans! How do you like the latest blog design?  We are busy updating our retail website and I thought the blog could use a face lift as well.  It still needs a little tweaking (let me know if you notice anything that needs fixing!) and I am generally happy with it but I have never been one to leave things alone, so I doubt it will stay this way. :)

Anyway, on to the tutorial!  We recently got in a new group of components with Satin Rhodium and Satin Hamilton Gold finishes and they are just beautiful.  Something about that brushed finished just lends a classic touch to any piece of jewelry.  With so many pieces to choose from, it was hard to pick a place to get started but when I saw these little half moons, I whipped up a quick (and easy and cheap!) pair of earrings!

2pc – Satin Rhodium Half Moon Connector, FI184-SR (Satin Hamilton Gold, FI184-HG)
2pc – Antique Silver Headpin, 2FI61-2AS (Gold, 2FI61-2HG)
4pc – 4mm Antique Silver Jump Ring, 4FI221-AS (Gold, 4FI206-HG)

Flush Cutter
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose or Chain Nose Pliers


1) Trim the ball off the headpins with a flush cutter. (Image 2)
2) Make a loop on one end with a round nose plier. (Image 3)
3) With the flat or chain nose pliers, create a bend in the opposite end of the wire.  (Images 4)
4) Using your finger or the handle of the pliers, bend the wire into a “U” shape. (Image 5)
5) Connect a jump ring to one corner of the half moon connector.  (Image 6)
6) On the opposite side, connect the wire to the connector with a jump ring. (Image 7)
7) Repeat steps to complete the pair.


To wear these earrings, slip the wire into your piercing and the put the end of the wire into the jump ring as shown.  The “U” bend can be made wider if it does not stay closed.  You can also adjust the angle at the end of the wire if it slips out of the jump ring too easily.  I have worn these a few times and they stay closed pretty well but I did have to adjust the bend in the wire the first time I wore them.


Simple, basic and perfect for wearing every day.  In either silver or gold, the brushed finish makes them elegant and classic.  A pair of earrings to be dressed up or down.  These earrings will quickly become your favorite pair!


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