Today’s tutorial is a little different from anything that I have done before. It’s not jewelry but this is what happens when a jewelry designer gets a new pet cat!  He is the cutest little black and white kitty and he loves to play! String and feathers are some of his favorites things to play with.  I looked at the different cat toys at the pet store and most of them looked suspiciously like some of the materials I already had in my craft hoard.  When all of our natural materials went on sale yesterday (though May 22nd) I figured it would be the perfect thing to write about in a blog post!

Hemp Twine
Leather Lace
Liberty Bell
Jingle Bells
Wooden Beads
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

1) Cut 10 pieces of hemp twine, 12 inches each. Fold in half. (Image 2)
2) Fill the liberty bell with a small amount of glue and stick in the hemp twine bundle.  (Images 3-4)  I used the large bell because we didn’t have a bead cap large enough.  The liberty bell works perfectly! Be very careful when filling with hot glue as it gets very warm to the touch.
3) Cut several different lengths of leather cord and tie a knot in one end.  String on the wood beads.  (Image 5)
4) Cut a few extra lengths of hemp twine and attach the jingle bells with an overhand knot. (Image 6)
5) Glue the leather strands and the strands with the jingle bells into the large bell cap. (Images 7-8) You can either stick the glue gun into the bell or apply glue directly to the string then place it into the cap.  I found that the fuller the cap became, it was easier to apply the glue to the string and then place it.
6) Add as many feathers into the bell cap as you find visually pleasing. (Image 9)
7) After you are finished adding all your materials to the cap, stick the glue gun into the center and fill with glue.  It is also a good idea to go around the entire outside of the cap and apply extra glue where the strands or feathers feel loose.  You don’t want your cat to be able to pull it apart.
8) Cut a yard of leather lace and tie it to the top loop of the bell so you have something to hold onto when playing with your kitty!

I made two versions of the cat toy using different types of feathers. One I took home for my kitty to play with and the other I sent with home with a co-worker to see what her cats think about it. My cat, Reggie, gives it four paws of approval!

If you aren’t in the market for a cat toy, not to worry! ALL of our natural items are on sale RIGHT NOW! From freshwater pearls to feathers, bone beads and pendants to leather, wood and gemstones and much, much more!  You can get them all for 20-30% off through May 22nd. Check out our website and see what deals you can find today!

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