Amoracast is just the latest new product to come through our doors at Shipwreck Beads.  Designer quality Amoracast charms and components are beautiful and affordable.  Always made with 92.5% sterling silver, these components are high quality, well made and exceptionally designed.  They only contract with factories that meet international standards for trade practices with regard to safe working conditions, equitable pay, and which never use child labour of any kind.  Not only does Amoracast create incredible products but they are conscious of their business practices as well.

As soon as I saw these beautiful, delicate designs, I knew I wanted to play with them.  They are so well made, you can just connect a pendant to chain and have a nice piece of jewelry.  While many of the things I design for the blog are big, statement pieces, I tend to wear delicate, simple jewelry most often so this line is right up my alley.  They are also extremely affordable so it won’t break the bank to pick up a few pieces.

Silk Orbit Necklace: Product List HERE (Silk fairy ribbon not yet available online, call 1-800-950-4232 to order, item #90RN109)

Pebble Beach Earrings: Product List HERE

Peacock Simplicity: Product List HERE

Ice Phoenix Necklace: Product List HERE

Fire Wing Necklace: Product List HERE
Elixir of Life Necklace: Product List HERE

Foxy Garden Bracelet: Product List HERE

Sunshine Garden Earrings: Product List HERE

Faerie Whispers Hand Chain:Product List HERE

Saltwater Daydream Charm Bracelet: Product List HERE

It’s easy to go bigger when creating and sometimes I find it hard to create simple, delicate pieces.  Working with these Amoracast components was a bit challenging but still a lot of fun.  Inspiration comes quite easily with such wonderfully made pieces.  Most of these pieces are pretty simple to create using basic beading techniques, but feel free to comment if you have any questions on how to make any of the items pictured here.

Be sure to visit our website and take a look at all Amoracast has to offer.  I hope you are as inspired by these components as I am!


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