Every once in a while someone brings me a bead and says “what do you use THIS for?” with a puzzled look on their face. And most of the time, I can usually come up with something. The other day, however, when someone brought me the all new Pips by Preciosa Ornela I was completely stumped.  Resembling watermelon seeds, this tiny drop bead is a completely unique new shape.  After a pondering it for a few moments, earrings came to mind.  Several different styles of earrings in fact!  Using a handful of basic supplies, I was able to come up with 8 different pairs of earrings!

To make these earrings, you will need to know some basic wire wrapping techniques such as how to make wrapped loops and how to wrap a briolette/drop.  You will also need to know how to open/close a jump ring.

Cobalt Pip Beads57DP278
24 Gauge Non-Tarnish Brass Craft Wire – 24CW854-1
2mm Fluted Gold Metal Rounds – 2MR854-F
1x12mm Gold Curved Metal Tube – 12FI323-G1
1X20mm Hamilton Gold Curved Metal Tube – 20FI323-HG
4mm Gold Jump Ring – 4FI221-G
Liquid Gold Tubes – ME40-G
Gold Ear Wires – FI54-G, FI57-G, or FI45-G
Pair A –  Cut about 10 inches of craft wire.  String on one 20mm long gold tube, then alternate 2mm gold rounds (6 pieces) and pip beads (5 pieces) followed by another gold tube.  Make a wrapped loop and finish by attaching to a gold ear wire.
Pair B – Cut about 10 inches of craft wire.  String on one 20mm long gold tune, a pip bead, one 12mm long gold tube, pip bead, 12mm gold tube, pip bead, and another 20mm gold tube.  Make a wrapped loop and attach to a gold ear wire.
Pair C – Cut about 10 inches of craft wire.  String on a single pip bead.  Thread the wire through one side of a 20mm gold tube, then string through the opposite side of the bead.  Fold the wire over the top of the tube and make a wrapped loop in the center of the tube.  Connect to a jump ring, then an ear wire to complete the earring.
Pair D – With a 6-step looping tool, make 12 6mm jump rings with the craft wire.  Connect 10 4mm jump rings together and attach to an ear wire.  Thread a pip bead onto a craft wire ring and attach to every other jump ring.  The last pip+ring will connect to the loop on the ear wire.  Repeat for the second earring.
Pair E – Make a wrapped loop onto a 6 inch piece of craft wire.  String on 5 2mm round beads, a pip bead, a round bead, a pip bead, round bead, pip bead, then 5 more round bead.  Make another wrapped loop on the opposite end.  Curve into a circle and connect the ends together with a jump ring.  Use another jump ring to connect the hoop to an ear wire.
Pair F – Make a wrapped loop onto a 10 inch piece of craft wire.  String on 15 pieces of liquid gold tubes and make a wrapped loop on the opposite end.  Connect with a  jump ring and set aside. Using 6 inches of craft wire each, wrap 6 pip beads.  Connect the pip beads to the jump ring at the center of the hoop, using one jump ring for the outer pips and 3 for the center dangle.  Attach an ear wire with an additional ear wire and repeat to complete the pair.
Pair G – Cut 6 pieces of craft wire, 6 inches each.  String a pip onto each wire and make a wrapped loop.  On two of the pieces, string on a 20mm tube.  On two more, string on a 12mm tube.  On the last two, string on a liquid gold tube.  Finish off the wire pieces with a wrapped loop.  Connect a jump ring to each dangle.  Attach the dangles together with an additional jump ring. To finish the pair, connect another jump ring to an ear wire.
Pair H –  Wrap the top of two pip beads, trimming only one end of the wire.  String on a 2mm gold bead and complete the drop with a wrapped loop.  String a liquid gold tube onto the craft wire and make a wrapped loop.  Connect one end to the precious link before completing the loop.  Repeat until you have 3 liquid gold links on each earring.  Attach to an ear wire to finish.

Isn’t this a fun little bead?  I’d love to see what other people can come up with.  Since they are so brand spanking new, I haven’t seen them used yet.  Shipwreck Beads has 28 different colors of the pip bead in stock right now.  Hurry up and pick up a strand in every shade before they sell out.  If you come up with something great, hop on over to Facebook and share it on our page!


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2 thoughts on “Introducing – PIPS by Preciosa Ornela

  • July 4, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Hey Kelsy I am the fan of your tutorials. Your work, photo selection and content just WOW!!!

  • July 4, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Hi Kelsy,
    I just started receiving your posts and I am so envious! I think you may have the best job in the world. I will check out the colors of these “pips” (another name for seeds, if people don’t know that). They are a great alternative to cut crystals and would be perfect for Game of Thrones-style jewelry. All your examples are great.

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