This bracelet is made with some basic knotting techniques and can easily be adapted for many types of beads and styles. I wanted to pair some fancy and sparkly beads with the waxed linen for contrast. I find myself drawn towards jewelry that mixes elements, working with fibers and metals and different types of beads. We have had the new SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and coin pearls for a while and I haven’t had the chance to play with them. Since Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, I thought I would work within that color palate. Paired with the pink waxed linen, the blackberry pearls and the crystal lilac shadow beads come together to create a show stopping bracelet!

9pc – 12mm Blackberry Coin Pearl
7pc – Blackberry Coin Pearl
14pc – 8mm Crystal Lilac Shadow Round
7pc – 6mm Crystal Lilac Shadow Round
120in – 5 ply Pink Waxed Linen
2pc – Large Silver Bead Cap
1pc – TierraCast Toggle Clasp
4pc – Jump Ring
6in – 20 gauge Silver Craft Wire

1) Cut four 30 inch pieces of pink waxed linen.
Strand 1, 12mm coin pearls:
2) Knot two strands together, using an overhand knot, about eight inches from the end.  (Image 1)
3) Thread on a 12mm coin pearl onto one of the strands. (Image 2)
4) Knot both strands together under the pearl.  (Image 3)
5) Repeat with each of the nine 12mm coin pearls. Set completed strand aside. (Images 4-6)
Strand 2, 10mm coin pearl and 6mm crystal:
6) Knot the end of the strand about 8 inches from the end using an overhand knot.
7) String on one 10mm coin pearl and tie and overhand knot.  Use a pair of fine-nosed tweezers to get a really tight knot.
8) To use the tweezers, begin your overhand knot. Grasp the inside of the knot, next to the bead and pull taut.  The knot will fall in the place you have grasped with your tweezers. (Images 8, 9, 11 & 12)
9) Alternate one 10mm coin pearl and one 6mm crystal round until you have done 7 of each bead. Set strand aside.
Strand 3, 8mm crystal:
10) Following steps 6-9 above, string on the 8mm crystal rounds. (Images 13-17)
11) Using an overhand knot, tie the three completed strands together at either end. (Images 18-20)
12) Cut two 3 inch pieces of 20 gauge craft wire. (Image 21)
13) Make a wrapped loop on each section of wire. (Image 22)
14) Thread two strand of linen through the loop of the wire.  Knot all four strands together several times to secure. Because the thread is waxed, the knots should hold without glue but you may add some if you wish. Trim excess thread. (Images 22-24)
15) Place the bead cap onto the wire and secure by making a wrapped loop. (Images 25-26)
16) Repeat steps 14 and 15 on the other end of the bracelet.
17) Use jump rings to connect the clasp to the wrapped loop of the wire. Use one or two jump rings to connect the clasp, depending on the desired finished length. (Images 27-29)
18) With a soft piece of fabric or polishing cloth, gently polish the beads to remove excess wax that may have been transferred from your fingers or thread to the beads. (Image 30)

Some notes:
* No needle is required when working with waxed linen. It is fairly still and very pliable so if your end gets frayed simply trim at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors. You can also lightly twist the end to tighten up the threads.
* This thread consists of 5 strands of linen that are twisted together and coated in wax. It can be messy and will likely coat your fingers and your beads. I used an old t-shirt to clean up my beads when I finished the bracelet. The Create Your Style website also has some great tips for caring for your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and pearls.
* Because the pearls are coated, it can help to keep a bead reamer or awl handy in case the hole gets clogged. I had to do this on most of the pearls I used. The hole is big enough, but you may need to clear some of the coating away to make them fit.
We carry waxed linen in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as a variety of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS beads that can be combined for endless combinations. So pick up your supplies and give knotting a try!


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