After attempting to make this leather bracelet, and failing, I was a little discouraged to give riveting another try. But we recently got in these new crystal infinity links and I knew I wanted to pair it with leather some way. I thought of the TierraCast leather straps, with their buttery soft finish, and decided to give it another go. TierraCast components make riveting so simple and easy. The rivets are sold in a two-piece set with a bottom and a top that snap loosely together. They will easily hold two layers of leather and allow plenty of room for attaching metal components.

TierraCast Leather Strap
TierraCast Rivets
Z-hook TierraCast Clasp
Crystal Infinity Link

Bench Block
Rivet Setter
Knotting Awl
Leather Punch

1) Hold the infinity link against the leather, centering it on the strap.
2) Use the knotting awl to mark the placement of the link on the leather.
3) Punch a hole in the leather at the spot you just marked with the leather punch.
4) Realign the link on top of the punched hole.
5) Thread the bottom portion of the rivet through the leather from the underside and snap the top half in place through the link.
6) Set the bracelet on the bench block, being mindful of the curve of the infinity link.
7) Place the rivet setter onto the rivet and hammer in place several times to set.
8) Repeat steps 2-7 on the opposite side of infinity link.
9) Thread the leather through the closed end of the clasp.
10) Punch a hole in the leather and stack the rivet through the hole.
11) Place the rivet setter on top of the rivet and hammer several times to set.
12) On the opposite side of the leather, fold the end in half to make a loop.
13) Punch a hole into the leather and set the rivet in place with the hammer.
14) Trim the excess leather.


This is a quick and simple project that can easily be whipped up in a few minutes. It looks good with the basic black but the hot pink really POPS! The leather is so soft and comfortable to wear you will want to make one in every color!


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