This post won’t be a full tutorial, more of like a really detailed jewelry trick.  I love wearing lots of jewelry, especially layering lots of delicate necklaces.  Unfortunately, layering up on necklaces causes them to become impossibly tangled.  They never stay quite where you want them to and the small chains are so hard to get untwisted.  And that is where this little trick comes in.  By attaching a clasp to both sides of your necklace, you can use a magnetic multi-strand clasp to keep your layered necklaces straight.  In the “tutorial” below, I’ll show you how to attach a clasp to an existing necklace, as well as how to attach the necklaces to the magnetic clasp.  The rest of the construction is pretty basic, you just need to use jump rings to connect everything, from the charms to the chain to the clasps.  I’ll include a list of the charms used in case you want to recreate any of the necklaces seen here.

Small Lobster Clasp, 9FI644-S, 9FI644-GM, 9FI644-G
3 Strand Magnetic Slide Clasp, 3FI357-S, 3FI357-G, 3FI357-GM
Jump Rings, 3FI222-G, 3FI222-S, 5FI222-S, 5FI222-G
Gunmetal Cable Chain, CX4420-GM
Gold Cable Chain, CX4421-G
Silver Cable Chain, CX4421-S
Antique Silver Double Link Cable Chain, 98CX815
Satin Hamilton Gold Double Link Cable Chain, 98CX852

Necklace Set #1:
Swarovski Crystal & Gold Charm, 6CR912-1G
Satin Rhodium Triangle, FI1840-SR
Satin Gold Link Diamond, FI1827-HG 
Satin Gold Lightening Bolt Charm, FI1862-HG
Satin Rhodium Bar Drop Charm, FI1811-SR
Small Coral & Silver Tassel, 17TA133-S
Satin Rhodium Textured Tear Drop, FI1867-SR
Satin Gold Feather Charm, FI1869-HG
Swarovski Sapphire Crystal & Silver Charm, 6CR976-1H

Necklace Set #2:
Small Lavender & Silver Tassel, 17TA196-S
Silver Rondell Crystal Charm, BR1030-BS
TierraCast Gold Star Charm, TC2106-GL
Bright Silver Ginko Leaf, BR1024-BS
Long Dark Purple & Gold Tassel, 30TA198-G
Satin Gold Textured Tear Drop, FI1867-HG
Small Aqua & Gold Tassel, 17TA163-G
Satin Rhodium Feather Charm, FI1869-SR
Swarovski Sapphire Crystal & Silver Charm, 6CR976-1H

Necklace Set #3:
TierraCast Silver Heart Charm, TC2095-RP
Satin Gold Triangle Charm, FI1840-HG
Silver Drop Ball with Design, ME4101-S
Satin Rhodium Spike Drop, FI1847-SR
Satin Gold Funky Cube Charm, FI1858-HG
Swarovski Amethyst Crystal & Silver Charm, 6CR998-1H
Satin Rhodium Lightening Bolt Charm, FI1862-SR
Satin Gold Bar Drop Charm, FI1811-HG
Long Black & Silver Tassel, 30TA109-S


Basic Necklace Construction: Cut chain to length and connect a clasp to each end with a 3mm jump ring. Attach charms with 5mm jump rings in desired pattern.  Necklace can be worn as a single strand by connecting the clasps together (Images 1-2)

Converting A Pre-made Necklace: Using a jump ring, attach a clasp to the loop end of the necklace.  (Images 3-5)

Layering: Connect each end of the necklace to the 3-strand magnetic clasp.  Line up the ends of each necklace to be opposite each other.  The longest necklace should be placed in the top hole, the middle necklace in the middle hole and the shortest necklace in the bottom hole. (Images 6-9)

Purple-2 Purple-1

I love mixing metals and playing with different color combinations.  I only used a handful of new charms in this post but we have thousands of different options to choose from, including this selection of adorable new tassels!  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, TierraCast’s You Collection offers a large variety of initial and birthstone charms.  For a more delicate look, Amoracast charms are a perfect choice.

Black-2 Black-1

Now, if you’re sitting there reading wondering if this little trick actually works, let me tell you that it does!  I was surprised as anyone that this multi-strand clasp can prevent the necklaces from getting tangled when you wear them!  The magnetic slide clasps come with 2, 3 and 5 holes, in a variety of colors and finishes.  Be careful, though, when removing the necklaces they can get tangled pretty easily(especially since the clasp is magnetic), but not at all when you are wearing them.

Whether you want to customize it as a gift for your special lady this Mother’s Day, or just want to make yourself a pile of necklaces to wear every day, this is a fun and easy project.  Endless combinations of charms and chains in different colors and they are completely interchangeable! If you’re anything like me, you already have a pile of necklaces just waiting to be worn layered together!

Let me know what you think of my little necklace trick in the comments.  And if you know any cool tips and tricks like this one, feel free to share it on our Facebook page!


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