I don’t know about you, but for me, June tends to be a very busy month. School is coming to an end, the anticipation of summer right around the corner, and Father’s day! Men can be especially difficult to create handmade gifts for but metal stamping makes it really easy.

I thought I would put together a project that would work for Dad, Grandpa, and any other special guy in your life.  In addition to Dad’s, this little keepsake is a fun project to whip up to commemorate all sorts of special occasions. It’s easy to make and not to mention inexpensive as well! So, grab your metal stamping tools and let’s get to work! (Check out my previous metal stamping projects HERE.)

9mm Split Ring
24mm Split Ring
24 in Ball Chain Necklace

Metal Stamps
Bench Block
Metal Hole Punch
Split Ring Plier
Masking Tape (I like blue painters tape!)
Black Permanent Marker
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Swab

1) Secure your penny to the bench block with masking tape.
2) Stamp desired message. (Image 1)
3) Color in stamped area with a permanent black marker. (Image 2)
4) Clean up excess marker with rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton swab. (Image 3)
5) Punch a hole in the penny with the metal hole punch. (Image 4)
6) Flip the penny over and lightly tap the punched area with the rounded end of the hammer to smooth out the burrs created when the hole was punched.
7) Open the smaller split ring with the split ring pliers.  (Image 6)
8) Attach the penny, using a pair of chain nose pliers to pull the ring through if needed. (Images 7 & 8)
9) For a keychain: Use the split ring pliers to open and attach the bigger split ring. (Image 9) For a necklace: String the smaller split ring onto the ball chain necklace.
There are so many possibilities for messages that can be stamped onto the pennies. Some of my favorites are: Class of stamped onto a 2014 penny. “BE THE CHANGE” is another great message for grads.  How about “MAKE A WISH”  or the word “THOUGHTS” as in a penny for your thoughts?  Stamping “LUCKY” onto a penny from the year your kids were born is another great idea.
You could also stamp in numbers for the month and day to coordinate with the year the penny was made. Perhaps a birthday or a wedding anniversary?
A “LUCKY US” penny paired with one stamped with the happy couples’ initials is a great keepsake wedding gift.  You could use one penny from the year the couple met and another from the year they were married.

If you don’t care for the mixed metal look, try attaching your penny charms with jump rings to a copper chain. Be careful though, because over time, copper can turn your skin green! Here are the materials from the copper necklace here: 6mm jump ring, 8mm solid jump ring, copper ball chain, copper ball chain connector.

This project is so easy and inexpensive, they would make a great RAK or “random act of kindness” gift.  Forgo the hole and just stamp a message into the penny.  Leave them around town, perhaps in an extra penny bin at a gas station or in the tip jar for your favorite barista.  I stamped a handful of pennies to give away.  I can already imagine the smile on someones face if they are the one to find it!

All in all, this project makes for a quick and easy gift that is both thoughtful and inexpensive.  I can’t wait to make handfuls of them to gift to the people I love!


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2 thoughts on “Lucky Penny Keepsake for Dads & Grads

  • June 6, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    I never would have thought to stamp coins! Great tutorial! Will share.

  • June 6, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Love this! Another fab tutorial, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Madge

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