This week, our buyers have made their way down to Tucson, Arizona for the Bead & Gem show to pick up some amazing new goodies for the store.  If you are a fan of ours on Facebook, there is no doubt that you have been drooling over the pictures they have posted from on the road.  For those who have been following the blog for a while, you probably remember my series of Tucson Treasures (Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, & Six) featuring the yummy gemstone beads and pendants they brought back last year.

I thought that for this blog post, I would re-visit some old favorites from Tucson last year.  And good news! They are on sale until the 12th!  I love these little plated pyrite beads (see how I used them before HERE) and the Vintaj hoops have been just hanging out in my office waiting for inspiration to strike.  Actually, I’ll be honest; I was cleaning my workspace and happened upon these items and thought they would look great together.  So that’s really how these earrings came to be.  It just happened to work in my favor that the timing with our annual Tucson trip is prefect!

I combined simple wire wrapping and random bead stringing to make these old-world inspired hoop earrings.  Measuring nearly 2.5 inches across, these earrings are quite the statement piece.  They remind me of ancient ruins with equal parts aged and regal.  A timeless style that is ever-present, even in today’s South West culture.

2pc – Vintaj Brass Hoops
2pc – 6mm copper jump ring
1pr – Copper ear wires
150-200pc – Plated pyrite beads, asst. colors
26 Gauge copper wire

1) Cut about 20 inches of 26 gauge copper wire and wrap several times around the bottom of the brass hoop.  String on about 8 beads and anchor the wire to the opposite side of the hoop by wrapping it several times.  (Images 1-3)
2) Continue adding beads and wrapping the wire until you have completed 6 rows of beads.  (Images 4-6)
3) Trim the end of the wire and tuck the ends in so they will not snag. (Image 7)
4) Insert a jump ring into the holes on the ends of the hoop and add an ear wire to complete the earring.  (Images 8-9)
5) Repeat all steps to complete the pair!




Right now, you can save up to 20% on over 4,800 new items from 2014, including these colorful pyrite beads.  Be sure to keep an eye out on the blog and on our Facebook page over the next couple weeks.  We will be sharing all of the wonderful new items from this years Tucson Bead & Gem show!


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