Every once in a while inspiration hits out of no where.  An idea pops into my brain and I just have to get it out.  This design was inspired by a couple of pins I saw on Pinterest.  Of course my design looks very little like the original inspiration but sometimes a picture is a terrific place to start.  I’ve had these Mystic Quartz crystal sitting on my desk since Tucson in February.  They are absolutely gorgeous, chunky quartz pieces with some Amethyst inclusions that are then coated with a beautiful AB finish.  Once I had decided on the Mystic Quartz beads, the rest of the necklace came together pretty easily.  I wanted to keep the blue tones and crystal centerpiece of the original necklace and the antique brass gives it a vintage feel. I used some light violet rhinestone roundels to further enhance the colors in the quartz chunks.  The result is gorgeous!

1pc – China Cut Crystal 2 Rhinestone Ball Crystal Silver 20mm, 20CD212-2S
15pc – Raw Quartz Mystic Coat, ST32-32
6pc – China Crystal Oval Light Blue Luster 12x16mm, 37CD371
4pc – China Crystal Oval Light Blue Luster 16x20mm, 38CD371
5pc – Preciosa Rhinestone Rondell Violet Silver 8mm, 78CC295-VS
8pc – Vintaj Natural Brass Ornate Bead Cap 7.5mm, VJ1012
2pc – Vintaj Natural Brass Canopy Bead Cap 11.5mm, VJ1004
1pc – Tierracast Clasp Twisted Hook 13x25mm Antique Brass, TC6199-AB
4in – Chain Flat 18mm Oval 10mm Ring Antique Brass, 40CX0858
14pc – Tierracast Smooth Heishi 5mm Antique Brass, TC0441-AB
4pc – Vintaj Natural Brass Jump Rings Etched 9.5mm, VJ131-95
24in – Artistic Wire 20 Gauge Antique Brass, 20CW859
2pc – Wire Guardians Antique Brass .021 Inner Diameter, FI174-AB
2pc – Crimp Cover 4mm Antique Brass, 4FI169-1AB
2pc – Crimp Tube Antique Brass 2mm, FI163-AB
12in – Beadalon Silver .015 19-strand 30 Feet Spool, FI295-30
Complete supply list found HERE.


1) String in the following order: Canopy bead cap, 16x20mm oval crystal, rhinestone rondell, three pieces raw quartz, rhinestone rondell, three pc quartz, rhinestone rondell, three pc quartz, rhinestone rondell, three pc quartz, brass spacer, rhinestone ball, brass spacer, three pc quartz, rhinestone rondell, 16x20mm oval crystal, Canopy bead cap.
2) String on a crimp bead and thread through a wire guardian. Add a round chain link through the wire guardian and bring the wire through the crimp bead.  Finish by securing the crimp with crimp bead pliers and cover with a crimp cover. Repeat on the opposite side of the strand. (Images 1-5)
3) Create a link using 2 brass spacers and one 12x16mm.  Using round nose pliers, make a wrapped loop and trim excess wire with flush cutters.  Connect one end of the loop to the round chain link. (Images 6-9)
4) Make another link, this time using two Ornate bead caps and a 16x20mm oval.  Shape the bead caps over the crystal to fit snugly.  Connect to the link made in step 3, above.  (Images 10-11)
5) Repeat step 3 to create another link.  Quick Tip: use the round opening of your crimp bead pliers to tuck in the cut end on the wrapped loop. (Images 12-13)
6) Repeat steps 3-5, above on the opposite side of the necklace.
7) Attach chain links to the beaded links as shown. (Image 14)
8) Create another beaded link using two Ornate bead caps and a 12x16mm oval and form the caps over the crystal. (Images 15-16)
9) Use an etched jump ring to connect the beaded link to the oval chain link.  Repeat on the opposite side of the chain. (Images 17-19)
10) Connect the clasp to the end of the chain using an etched jump ring.  Attach an etched jump ring to the opposite side of the chain link to complete the necklace. (Image 20)

Necklace2 Necklace6 Necklace8

I am so happy with the way this necklace turned out.  At just over 26 inches (this necklace can be made shorter by using fewer chain links,) it can be worn as a layering piece or alone for a unique statement necklace.  The crystals allow this piece to be easily dressed up and the antique brass gives it a vintage, shabby chic look that would pair perfect with jeans a cowboy boots or a flirty sundress in the summer.

Can I also mention how happy I am with these photographs?  As you can imagine, I have amassed quite the collection of props to use in my photo taking.  One of my favorite props are these sections of 2×4’s that I pilfered from the far depths of the warehouse.  This chunk of Amethyst was borrowed from our photographers studio.  The tone of the wood and the using the Amethyst to showcase the necklace really helps to bring out all of the colors in the necklace without taking away the focus.  I’ll admit, I had a good 15 photos to choose from for this post.  I always take WAY more photos that I need with the hopes that I would have at least a few good ones.  This time, it wasn’t a problem! I had way more photos than I could use but I suppose that’s not a terrible problem to have.

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