Bib-Title2When it comes to jewelry making, I am always looking for something that can really take my work to the next level of personalization. Vintaj Patina inks can take a boring mass produced component and make it into something completely one of a kind.  It’s so easy and only takes a couple minutes.  As soon as I saw this large metal bib piece, I knew what I wanted to do with them.  It’s a rather large component with 17 holes along the bottom, perfect for a long boho-style tassel necklace.  I got my collection of inks ready and went to work.  This is a really simple technique and there is really no right or wrong way to do it.

Vintaj Patinas
Vintaj Patina Clear Glaze
Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Metal Component, Item #ME4272-S
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton Ball
Paper Towels

1) Gather several colors of ink.  I find between three and five colors work the best to get a really nice layered finish. Shake the ink bottles to make sure they are thoroughly mixed.
2) Clean the surface of your metal component with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.
3) Drop several colors of ink onto the surface of your metal component.  This will become your base color.  I used Earth, Jade, and Verdigris. (Images 2-5)
4) With a paper towel, dab at the surface of the metal to spread out the color and create a mottled effect.  It is okay if all the metal is not covered yet. (Image 6)
5) Apply several drops of a contrasting color across the surface and dab with a paper towel to distribute.  I used Rust and Topaz. (Images 7-8)
6) Continue adding layers of color until you are happy with the look of your component.  I recommending using 3-5 layers of color.  (Images 9-11)
7) After your layers of color have tried, apply a layer of glaze and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before using the painted piece in your jewelry designs.
PinkBlue3 Green2
Once you have completed your base color you can embellish it however you see fit!  I wanted a long, swingy tassel necklace.  To make my tassels, I took 2 lengths of hemp cord (approximately 2 inches each), folded them over and attached a leather ending crimp.  The mini tassels were then connected to the painted component with jump rings.  I then added some chain and beads to finish up the piece.  You can also add some beaded dangles made with head pins, like I did in the pink necklace.

Check out these tutorials from the past to see other ways Vintaj Patinas can be used to transform you jewelry designs!  Use them to add color to simple wire bangle bracelets.  Turn a plain silver component into a pair of statement, floral earrings.  Add a pop of color and create a stunning focal pendant with this tutorial.

Have you had a change to play with Vintaj Patina‘s before?  Is this a technique you plan on adding to your jewelry making arsenal?  Let me know in the comments or send me a picture of your work on Facebook!


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2 thoughts on “Painted Bib Necklace with Vintaj Patinas

  • September 11, 2015 at 5:18 am

    Hi Kelsy, its been a while since I last visited your blog. Its been bookmarked so I can find it anytime :) Anyway, this is the 1st post I found today on your site an I’m absolutely thrilled to have come across it. I have many old pieces of metal jewelry and this, I think would be the perfect way to give them new life. Thanks again for posting this wonderful idea.

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