I’ve never been a fan of flowers for Valentine’s Day.  Sure they are beautiful at first, but then they start to wilt and decay.  For all that money, wouldn’t you prefer something that is going to stick around for a while? I know I would! I’ve always been more of a chocolates or jewelry girl (go figure) myself.  Better yet, get me a gift card to my favorite bead store and I’d be in heaven!
By applying a little bit of Vintaj Patina Inks, these plain silver connectors are transformed into a colorful bouquet.  Not only will these flowers last a lifetime, they are sure to bring a smile to any jewelry lovers face!  Don’t have a Valentine? That’s okay, you never need an excuse to buy yourself some flowers! You’re worth it!

Flower connectors (ME4125-BS, ME4126-BS, ME4127-BS)
Vintaj Patina Ink
Ear Wires (FI57-ST)
Head pins (2FI61-2S)
Crystals (6CR512, 6CR510-FC, 86CR109)
Paint Brush
One-Step Looper


1) Mix Patina well according to package instructions.
2) Using a dry brush, apply ink to the petals only.  Be careful to avoid the center of the flower.  This part should remain silver.  You may find it easier to hold the connector with a pair of chain nose pliers when applying the ink.  I prefer to hold it in my fingers.  Just don’t be afraid to get your hands a little messy.
3) Carefully apply ink to all of the petals on your connectors.
4) Allow the Patina to dry completely.  The ink should be completely dry in about 5-10 minutes.
5) String a single crystal onto a head pin and use the One-Step Looper tool to create a simple loop or create a loop by hand.
6) Attach the crystal to the loop on the bottom of the connector.
7) Open the loop on the bottom of an ear wire and attach it to the connector.
8) Repeat the steps for the second earring and you are done!

I love the combination of black and silver. It is simple, sleek and elegant. For a more dramatic look, try switching things up a little bit by waiting for the Onyx Patina to dry completely.  Then apply a small amount of Marble Patina to the petals with a dry brush for a little something extra.
For a more colorful floral bouquet, use Verdigris Patina for a base color then top it off with a light brushing of Marine Patina.  For the pair at the very top of this post, I used Ruby and Amethyst Patina Inks for the base colors and the Marine Patina for an extra pop of color.  The Marine Patina is a very light robin’s egg blue that compliments the other colors well.

I’m a huge fan of these earrings! They are simple to create and can easily be customized with any color.  Stop by the Vintaj Blog to take a look at their Color Mixing Chart for tips on how to create your own custom colors using the Patina Inks.  The possibilities are endless!



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