We recently got in the fun new Tropical Punch line of lucite chain by Dazzle It!  The chain comes in 10 colors in two different sizes.  This line is bright and fun and perfect for your summer creations.  The necklace I made using the chunky chain reminds me of those fruity alcoholic drinks that come in the fishbowls, completely unnecessary and always a good time!  Sometimes it pays to be totally and utterly ridiculous and over the top and this is a necklace for all those times.  Or for kicking back on the beach with a fishbowl full of something cold to drink. You know, whenever!

1pkg – Lucite Chain (LX985-40)
20pc – Large Plastic Pearls or Round Beads (14mm, 16mm, or 18mm)
4pc – 8mm Plastic Pearls
1pc – Pearl & Crystal Rhinestone Brooch
1pc – Toggle Clasp (TC6067-AS)
8pc – 10mm Silver Jump Rings (10FI222-S)
3pc – 8mm Silver Jump Ring (8FI222-S)
24in – Beading Wire
4pc – Crimp Beads
Glue – E6000


1) Fold the lucite chain in half.  Every other link in the chain will have a seam.  Gently bend the plastic at the seam to separate the links.  You should end up with two pieces and one should be one link longer than the other.  Apply a small bit of glue to the seam with a toothpick to close it up.  (Images 1-2)
2) Use flat nose pliers to connect two 10mm jump rings to each end of the lucite chains.  (Images 3-4)
3) Flip the pearl brooch piece over and connect each lucite chain to the outer loops with 8mm jump rings.  (Images 5-6)
4) On the other end of the chains, connect them both together by attaching an 8mm jump ring to the 10mm jump rings added in step 2. (Images 7-8)
5) Cut a 12 inch piece of beading wire.  Connect the wire to the center loop in the top set of holes on the back of the brooch. (Images 9-10)
6) String on one 8mm pearl followed by 10pc of large pearls and finishing with another 8mm pearl.  Attach the clasp to the end of the beading wire with a crimp bead.  (Images 11-12)
7) On the opposite end of the chain, attach a 12 inch piece of beading wire to the 8mm jump ring.  String beads on in the same pattern as above and complete the necklace by attaching the other end of the clasp with a crimp bead.  (Images 13-15) GO-1

I love the way the orange and the minty green both pair with pearls.  When I showed this necklace to a co-worker, she proclaimed that it was the perfect piece to wear to a wedding she is planning on attending this summer.  I agree!  These colors are both on-trend right now and, while they may be plastic, the pearl and crystal brooch elevates this piece to a level of elegance pretty enough to wear to a sunny, garden wedding.   



This piece combines the smaller lucite chain with a 14mm plastic round bead for a monochromatic look.  The pinks match perfect creating a fun tone-on-tone necklace that will add a pop of color to any outfit.  I could see myself wearing this piece with a pair of dark wash jeans, a white t-shirt and crystal sandals for a flirty summer look.


Football season may still be months away, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across my teams colors.  This would be such a fun piece to wear on game day, probably with the same jeans and t-shirt combo mentioned above.  I mean, what doesn’t go with jeans and a t-shirt, right?


Wear this necklace, made with complimentary icy blue tones, with navy stripes for a nautical outfit with a punch of color or make a statement by pairing it with a flirty, floral sundress.  Lightweight and colorful, these necklaces are as easy to wear as they are to make.  Make one for yourself and one for a friend in no time flat!

What do you think of Dazzle It‘s new Tropical Punch lucite chain?  Love or hate, I want to know!



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