Unlike years past, color giant Pantone picked two wonderful colors as their “Color of the Year.”  This year, we have Rose Quartz, a light rosy pink, and Serenity, a peaceful, pale blue.  I think they are both gorgeous colors that evoke a sense of peace and tranquility.  They are both perfect colors for spring fashions and would look amazing at a wedding.  These simple little bracelets would make a great bridesmaids gift or even for every day wear.  With over 260 colors in the 3mm fire polish beads used in this tutorial, this bracelet can be made in any color.  You can also use 6/0 seed beads or a small 3-4mm crystal instead of the glass if you prefer.  It’s a versatile design that translates to an incredibly wearable piece.

50-60pc – 3mm Czech Faceted Round (3FC210, 3FC270, 3FC290, pictured)
4pc – Tierracast Crimp Tube Bright Silver, TC0030-BS
4pc – Tierracast Crimp Cover 3mm Bright Silver, TC0032-BS
1pc – TierraCast Hammered Heart, TC3096-RP
1pc – TierraCast Hammered Toggle Clasp Makers, TC6202-RP
12in – Soft Touch .014 21 Strand 30 Feet Satin Silver, 14SF212

Supply list for the entire bracelet set found HERE.


1) Cut 2 six inch pieces of Soft Flex beading wire.
2) String on a crimp bead and 7 faceted round beads. (Image 2)
3) Bring the end of the wire through the last faceted round bead and the crimp bead. (Images 3-4)
4) Secure the crimp bead with a pair of crimp bead pliers. (Image 5)
5) Cover the crimped bead with a crimp cover and use your pliers to close. (Image 6)
6) String 20-25 (depending on desired bracelet size) faceted round beads, followed by a crimp bead.
7) Thread the end through one half of the toggle clasp and back through the crimp bead. Secure with a crimp bead plier and cover with a crimp cover. (Images 7-9)
8) Repeat steps 2-7 to make the opposite side of the bracelet. (Images 10-11)
9) Wear your bracelet! (Image 10)





When it comes to beading, I prefer odd numbers so I made a three bracelet set.  You can make all three bracelets for just over $35 and can find the complete supply list here.  Simply click the box that says “add list to cart” if you wish to purchase.  As I mentioned before, you can recreate this bracelet using any 3-4mm beads but I love the cost and selection of the fire polished beads.  There are over 260 colors to chose from in the 3mm and almost 500 colors in the 4mm.  For even more options, you can use a 6/0 seed bead!  This is a simple, beginner bead stringing project, perfect for any skill level.

For more Pantone color inspiration, visit our 2016 Color of the Year board on Pinterest!


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