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In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.  ~Coco Chanel 

Coco Chanel was a champion of affordable fashion and a pioneer when it came to costume jewelry.  She believed that jewelry was meant to adorn women, not to show off their wealth.  She worked endlessly to provide women with accessible fashion and was never without a strand or two of pearls. Inspired by the quote above, I set out to create a necklace that would make Coco proud!

After my last post, I wanted to try a more classic take on the new pastel crystal pearls by Swarovski and you just can’t go wrong with a classic string of pearls.  This elegant necklace pushes the envelope on the classics with a little something extra.  With a soft, velvety finish these pearls will look equally stunning with a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and pair of jeans.  Keep reading to find a full tutorial as well as product lists for the Moroccan Mint and Pink Lemonade Sorbet versions of the necklace.

26pc – Pastel Green (or Yellow) Swarovski Crystal Pearls
31pc – Pastel Grey (or Pink) Swarovski Crystal Pearls
2pc – TierraCast Bead Aligners (TC5720-RP)
1pc – Swarovski BeCharmed Midnight Skyline (or Vintage Rose Fuchsia Flower)
1pc – TierraCast Oval Toggle Clasp (TC6091-AR)
2pc – Crimp Beads (TC0030-BS)
2pc – Crimp Covers (TC0032-BS)
24in – SoftFlex Beading Wire (14SF212-10)

1) Pull about 24 inches of beading wire off the spool.  String 18pc pastel green pearls onto the wire. (Image 1)
2) String one bead aligner, one BeCharmed bead, and a second bead aligner.  Be sure to position the bead aligners to that the post is inserted into the hole of the BeCharmed bead. (Image 2)
3) String 31pc pastel grey pearls onto the beading wire.  (Image 3)
4) String 4pc pastel green pearls. (Image 4)
5) String on a crimp bead, pass the wire through the loop on the bar part of the clasp and back through the crimp bead, creating a loop.  Close crimp using a pair of crimp pliers to secure.  (Images 5-7)
6) Place a crimp cover over your secured crimp bead pinch to close. (Image 8-9)
7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 with the loop end of the clasp to complete the necklace. Finished necklace measures 19 inches.

Moroccan Mint Supply List: HERE

Pink Lemonade Sorbet Supply List: HERE


This project is easily created in under 30 minutes and with a price tag of under $50, it won’t break the bank.   Even better for your budget, get them ON SALE NOW.  Celebrating the first day of spring, today through March 25th, nearly everything on our website is on sale! Save 20-30% on your favorite brands like TierraCast, Swarovski Crystals, SoftFlex, Amoracast, Vintaj, and many, many more!

This inspiring take on the classic pearl necklace is the perfect complement to a spring outfit.  Whether you want to express yourself in the floral, feminine tones of Pink Lemonade Sorbet or if you prefer the understated elegance of Moroccan Mint, these pearls will help you enter spring in style.  And that’s something Coco Chanel herself would approve of!


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