On Halloween I got the opportunity to hang out in our showroom and do some demos of the Vintaj Patina Inks.  I really must say I love this product.  They are so versatile and easy to use and not to mention FUN! The Vintaj Patina Inks are sold in color-coordinated packs of three and the glaze is sold separately.  They work on ANY metal, not just the Vintaj components although they are quickly becoming my new favorite line.  The vintage inspired designs are really beautiful and there are endless ways they can be used!


For this tutorial, I used the inks in Onyx and Verdigris as well as the Glaze.  You can use the inks straight out of the bottle for an opaque finish or you can mix them with the glaze for a lighter wash of color.  I used the Onyx as a base coat, then mixed the Verdigris with the Glaze over the top to bring out the texture of the pieces I chose to color.  The Onyx comes in the “Retro Highway” pack and the Verdigris comes in the “Weathered Copper” pack.

Vintaj Patina Inks
Vintaj Patina Glaze
Vintaj Scarab Pendants
Small Paint Brushes
Sanding Block
Paper Towels



1) Using a small, dry paintbrush, coat the entire pendant with the Onyx Patina ink. Allow to dry completely, about 30 minutes.
2) Apply a second coat if needed.
3) Mixing the Glaze and the Verdigris Patina ink in a 2:1 (two parts glaze to one part ink) ratio, use a brush to apply the ink/glaze mixture to the body of the pendants.  Let dry slightly, about 5 minutes.
4) Use a paper towel to wipe off the excess ink in the desired areas.  As you can see in image 3, the color pooled in some areas and it was not the look I wanted. Allow to dry completely.
5) With a small sanding block, gently remove a bit of the ink, to allow the natural brass to show through.  This will give the scarabs a more aged antique look.
6) With a dry brush, apply a thin layer of the glaze (all by itself this time) to seal the ink and prevent the exposed metal from tarnishing.

Once the glaze is completely dried, use your pieces as desired.  Clean up is easy, just use water like you would with acrylic or water-color paints.  Because the inks are alcohol based, they dry very quickly.  Make sure to clean up immediately and keep your caps tightly secured.

I paired my painted scarabs with copper findings, garnet and bronzite beads for a regal and aged Egyptian inspired necklace. I love the way the copper plays with the color of the garnet.  The bronzite stone is a nice contrast with the copper wire but ties in nicely with the brass.  Did you know that bronzite is said to increase confidence and self-esteem, while garnet is said to bring luck in both money and love? Ancient Egyptians believed the scarab to be a symbol of re-birth.  I didn’t know any of that prior to putting together this necklace, I just like the colors and the stones together.  It is a fascinating bit of information though, isn’t it?

Scarab3 Scarab1

Here are some of the pieces I created for our showroom demos.  I used a combination of blue, pinks and purple inks to create a layered necklace and earring set.  For the earrings, I inked the disc pendant with a light lavender shade and the birds in a darker fuchsia. I paired them with a couple different types of chain and Swarovski crystals.


For this large disc pendant, I used several different inks straight out of the bottle.  I painted each color in specific areas, blue for the back ground, a couple of greens on the bamboo stalks and leaves and some pink on the dragonfly.  I punched some holes in the bottom to hand some crystals from and riveted a small bird into the center.


I punched an extra hole in the opposite wing so that it would hang center. Then I used some green inks mixed with the glaze for a slight wash of color. I wanted the brass to really show through so I dabbed off a lot of the color with a paper towel as it dried.  On the tiny bee pendant I used a fuchsia ink right out of the bottle for a really intense color.  I also used the sanding block to bring out the brass.

BirdThese are just a few examples of how to use the Vintaj brand products.  For more inspiration, check out the Vintaj Blog for tips, tricks and informative videos!


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