Stacking bracelets is a trend that I personally hope is around to stay for a while.   When it comes to necklaces, I prefer them to be simple and dainty, but not with bracelets. I tend to wear lots of them stacked together.  This bracelet is so quick and easy (hence the name) you could easily whip up several in under an hour!

satin rhinestone diy

4in – Rhinestone chain (I used the 5mm, but you could use any size)
6in – 2mm Satin Cord
2pc – 3mm inner diameter Decorative Crimp Ends
1pc – Toggle Clasp, I used 17BR518
2pc – 6mm jump rings
24in – Supplemax Monofilament Cord
G-S Hypo Cement (I love the precision applicator for projects like this.)

satin and rhinestone diy steps

1) Attach the decorative end crimp to the cord using the How-To I shared yesterday. (Images 1, 2, and 3)
2) Tie off one end of the monofilament to the satin cord using a simple square knot. Leave a tail of at least 2 inches. (Image 4)
3) Place your rhinestone chain against the stain cord and wrap the first link 5 times with the monofilament. (Image 5)
4) Begin lashing the rhinestone chain to the cord, wrapping the monofilament between each link.
5) When you reach the end, wrap 5 times around the last link and then wrap back up where you started.  This will create a criss-cross patter with the monofilament on the satin cord. (Image 6)
6) Wrap the monofilament a couple extra times around the first link and secure the two ends of the monofilament together.  Snip the ends and cover them with a small dot of glue. (Image 7)
6) Use your jump rings to attach the clasp to the decorative crimp ends and you are done! (Image 8 and 9)

satin and rhinestone

See? So simple! And there are so many colors of satin cord to chose from you should pick up a few to create a variety! The green bracelet above was created by making 6 simple overhand knots with a silver spacer in between.  The clasp is attached using the decorative end crimps from yesterday’s tutorial.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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