RockCrystalTitleHave you been loving the new Tucson stones as much as I have? I can’t believe how many beautiful and fun items we got in recently. These large nuggets have been some of my favorites.  As soon as I saw the Amethyst nuggets I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  For each bracelet I chose colors that, to me,  represent summer sunsets.  The purple bracelet reminds me of the vivid pinks and purples blending over the sky while the peach bracelet is representative of the creamy peach and sandy tones.  Maybe its the gloomy winter weather that has me nostalgic for the heat of August.  Anyway… enough of my reminiscing and onto some fabulous jewelry.

I’ve been wanting to play around with the Lovely Knots cord for quite some time and the Tucson Treasures provided the perfect opportunity.  The Lovely Knots cord comes in two sizes and 13 colors so there is the perfect color to suit whatever combinations you choose.  The cord is very durable and easy to use.  When used with the thread burner, the ends will not fray.  It is the ideal medium for macrame and shamballa-style bracelets.  With so many colors to choose from, you can quickly complete the perfect statement bracelet to suit your style!

Lovely Knots Chinese Knotting Cord (Navy, Cream)
Druzy Nugget (Amethyst, Blush)
Preciosa Rhinestone Rondells (Fuchsia, Light Sapphire)
5mm Metal Round (Silver, Gold)
Thread Burner
G-S Hypo Cement
1) Cut two 24 inch pieces and one 80 inch piece of Chinese Knotting Cord.  Anchor the 24 inch pieces together on a secure surface.  I like to use a clip board.  (I wrap one end around the clip, then secure the other end around the back of the clip board.)  This will become the base of your bracelet.
2) Place your 80 inch piece of cord centered under the secured cording. (Image 1)
3) Tie a simple knot over the center cord. (Image 2-4)
4) Bring the cord on the left over the center cord.  (Image 5)
5) Place the cord on the right over the tail you just brought over. (Image 6)
6) Then, bring the cord on the right under the center cord and through the loop created in step 4 and tighten your knot. (Image 7) It’s hard to see the detail above.  Check out THIS IMAGE for a better visual demonstration of steps 4-6 above.
7) Now repeat steps 4-6, this time starting on the right. Now you have completed one full square knot. (Image 10)
8) Continue repeating steps 4-7 until you have completed about 1 inch of knots. (Image 11)
9) To add the rhinestone rondells: String one rondell on both the left and right cords.  Then complete a full square knot. (Images 12-13)
10) Continue to add rondells until you have added six on each side.  (Image 14)
11) Detach the bottom of the center cord from where it is secured and string on the large druzy nugget. (Image 15)
12) Bring the two side cords behind the nugget and make a full square knot.  (Images 16-17)
13) Continue knotting and add in the rhinestone rondells as in steps 9 and 10. (Images 18-19)
14) Make more square knots until you have completed about an inch.  Use a thread burner to remove the excess cord and place a small drop of glue on the end. (Image 20-22)
15) Once the glue has dried, flip the bracelet over so the back is visible.  Take the cords from either end of the bracelet and place them next to each other facing opposite directions. (Image 23)
16) To create the sliding closure:  Place a length of cord (I used the excess trimmed off in step 14; you will need about 12 inches) underneath the threads and make a square knot.  You will be repeating the process from the beginning of the tutorial. (Images 24-26)
17) Knot your cord until you have done about a half an inch and use the thread burner to remove the excess.  Apply a drop of glue to secure the ends. (Image 27)
18) Adjust the bracelet so that it is able to fit over your wrist.  Thread a 5mm round bead onto each of the four strands and knot the ends.  Trim excess and you are done! (Images 28-30)


Quick tip about the thread burner:  When I write a tutorial for the blog, I generally create a prototype first, in this case the Amethyst one, so that I can make adjustments prior to taking my step-by-step pictures.  The reason I am telling you this is to save you from my mistakes!  The thread burner works by getting super hot and melting the cord.  The residue from the navy cord was left on the tip of my thread burner and when I used it on the cream cord it left a dark mark.  So, moral of the story is be sure to clean off your thread burner, especially when switching from a dark-colored cord to a light one!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, I know I enjoyed creating it.  Now, I’m off to buy the materials for the Amethyst bracelet because I really don’t think I can live without it in my life!  Today is your last chance to save 20-30% on all our Tucson Treasures so check out our website right away! The sale ends today!


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