It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but pretty much everyone here in the Pacific Northwest is extremely excited that our Seattle Seahawks are making their second Super Bowl appearance in as many years. I for one, couldn’t be more proud of my team! On game day (and every day this week, actually) you will find me decked out from head to toe in blue and green. I have everything from hats to scarves to shirts and jerseys. I have some awesome vintage fan gear too. I’m definitely not one of those fair weather fans. My heart bleeds blue and green!

In addition to my other Hawks gear, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have a ton of Seahawks-inspired jewelry as well!  Today, I am sharing with you my personal Seattle Seahawks jewelry collection. Most of these pieces have been worn and loved for quite some time, so you might see some tarnishing on a couple of the pieces. Spots where the silver has been worn away. I’m quite proud of these pieces and hopefully they will inspire you to create your own fan jewelry!
First up is a pair of tassel earrings.  I used my Seed Bead Tassel Earring tutorial to create this pair using blue waxed linen and silver and neon green 6/0 seed beads.  I love making these tassel earrings because they come together quickly and are so easily customized.
You might recall my post from last years Super Bowl, when I shared a similar bracelet. I liked it so much, I had to create one for myself to keep.
This is probably my favorite piece of the bunch. I have worn it so much that the chain is turning copper. I created the tassel out of hemp and connected it to a heart toggle that was missing its bar. I added the wing charm in honor of the ‘Hawks.
When I set out to create a Hawks-inspired piece, I don’t necessarily want it to scream football!  I want something that will add a feminine touch to my sports gear.  This necklace was inspired by Native American headdresses and feather motifs.  The chunky, double strand design makes quite a statement that can be worn once the season is over.
Of course I made my own pair of Game Day Earrings.  Actually, I made this tutorial because I made the earrings for myself and thought “Hey, I should share this with the world!” and so the blog post came to be.  You can find the supply list for these earrings HERE.
Unfortunately, we don’t actually carry that Seahawks charm.  I had a pair of earrings at one point and the mate was lost.  Rather than have it buried in the bottom of my bead drawer, I thought I would give it new life as the dangle on this bracelet.  This wrap bracelet is one single, very long strand of beads.  Not only can it be worn as a bracelet, but it can be worn as a necklace too!
After making the necklace above, I decided I needed something a little lighter weight.  Something that was less of a statement piece and more of an everyday wear… And I happened to have a lot of beads left over.  I threw together this necklace by stringing the beads and adding some leather to finish it off.  DangleEarring
Another favorite here, as you can tell from the tarnishing on some of the silver.  I love this fan connector by TierraCast and I think it gives the earrings a little bit of Native American touch, something that is present in a lot of Seahawk-inspired designs.  These chandelier-style earrings are easy to make with the help of the One Step Looper tool.

Hey fellow Twelves! Did you know Shipwreck Beads offers discounts to fans who shop with us in their Seahawks gear on Blue Friday?  Well this week on January 30th in honor of the Seahawks second appearance in the Super Bowl, anyone who shops in store sporting their blue and green can save 12%!!!  Help us support our Hawks on the final Blue Friday of the season and pick up some supplies to make your very own fan jewelry!



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2 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks Fan Jewelry

  • January 29, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Hi, I just joined your posts and really enjoyed them! I especially like the Sea Hawks seed bead necklace that had the Native American inspired design. Could you please tell me what the metal drops that you used are called? I just loved that design! Also, the item numbers would be very helpful, if you don’t mind?!
    Thanks again for the post and taking the time to help me get my hands on those metal drops!

    Best regards,
    Teresa Dalton

    • January 30, 2015 at 7:21 am

      I’m so glad you like that necklace! The item numbers are ME5234-S and ME5383-S. Unfortunately, the larger size is out of stock at the moment. Thanks! Kelsy

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