This simple earring design is two of my favorite things; simple and versatile. Using waxed linen and size 8/0 seed bead there are endless color combinations available. You can create a pair for every day of the week!  Tassels have been on-trend for quite some time now.  As summer fades away into fall, it looks like tassels will be sticking around for a while.

Waxed Linen (5CH152-WL2)
Size 8/0 Seed Beads (8SB812 and 8SB193-TA)
Bead Cone (TC5684-RP)
24 gauge craft wire (24CW815)
Ear Wire (FI57-SU)

1) Cut 20 six inch pieces of waxed linen.  Each earring will have 10 strands.
2) Tie a simple overhand knot on one end of the string.
3) Thread on 2 silver beads, 12 pink beads and 2 silver beads.  Tie another overhand knot on the other end.
4) Fold the string in half, dividing the beads so there are 2 silver and 6 pink on each side.  Repeat with the remaining strands.
5) Separate 10 strands of beads and fold in half so that there are equal lengths on each side.
6) Loop a small piece of wire (about 4 inches) around the folded strands.
7) Make a wrapped loop around the strands.  Try to make the loop as small as possible.
8) Thread one bead cap and one pink bead onto the long end of the wire.
9) Make a wrapped loop to secure the cap and bead onto the tassel.
10) Attach to the ear wire.

pink2 The result is a visually stunning yet simple pair of earrings.  By changing the colors or sizes of the beads, you can easily customize them in any color palate.  You could also trying using C-lon thread instead of waxed linen for even more variety in colors. I was originally inspired by this pin on Pinterest.  By combining multiple colors of thread and varying the beads, there are even more options available!

Using this same technique, I created a second pair of earrings using our brand new neon seed beads.  I used a combination of opaque and translucent neon yellow seed beads with silver accents.  This pair is a little bit longer, using 8 inches of waxed linen string.  Instead of making sure the ends were even, I staggered the lengths to make them even longer and to add more visual interest.  Because this pair uses primarily size 6/0 seed beads, they are a little heavier than the pink pair, but I like the variation in sizes between the yellow and silver beads.  Using a neutral tan-colored waxed linen and a muted silver, the yellow really pops!

Supples (Neon Tassels)
Waxed Linen (5CH154-WL2)
Size 6/0 Seed Beads (6SB622-N1 and 6SB622-N2)
Size 8/0 Seed Bead (8SB812)
Bead Cones (ME5270-S)
Ear Wires (FI57-SU)



I really love these earrings! In fact, I have been wearing both pairs since I made them.  I am even wearing the pink pair right now!  I can’t wait to make several more pairs in more colors, shapes and sizes!


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