Can you believe that it’s already October?  It seems like summer just started but alas, school is back in session, the weather is changing, and trees are starting to change colors.  But you know what that means, right?  It means that Halloween is right around the corner!  Time to take out the decorations and picking out a fabulous costume.  I haven’t decided what I will be yet, but I better get on it since this month is likely to fly by (and I tend to be a procrastinator.)


It also means that its time for a new Halloween jewelry tutorial!  Aren’t these little tassel ghosts adorable?  Featuring Swarovski Crystals brand new colors, Light Chrome and Scarabaeus Green, this pair of earrings is the perfect addition to your most ghoulish outfit.

2pc – 12mm White Crystal Pearl
4pc – Swarovski Xillion SS6 Jet
20pc – 4mm Swarovski Rondelle, Scarabaeus Green
24pc – 3mm Bicone, Light Chrome
24pc – 3mm Bicone, Jet Hematite
24pc – 3mm Bicone, Crystal
24pc – 3mm Bicone, White Opal AB
96pc – 3mm Bicone, White Opal
2pc – 9mm TierraCast Cuppola End, Rhodium
2pc – TierraCast Cone Bell Flower 9x12mm, Black
1pr – TierraCast Niobium Ear Wire, Black
8in – 22ga Silver Craft Wire
GS Hypo Cement
3yd – Fireline Beading Thread
Thread Burner


1) Gather a selection of 15 3mm bicone beads, using at least 7 white opal.  Vary the amounts of the remaining colors of crystals. (Image 1)
2) Using a thread burner, trim a 9 inch piece of white FireLine and thread onto a needle.
3) Starting with the white opal beads, string on each of the bicones in a random order.  The dark colored beads should be added at the end.  String on rondelle bead.  (Image 3)
4) Thread the needle back through the bicones, skipping the rondelle bead.  Set aside. (Image 4)
5) Repeat steps 2-4 11 more times and separate into two groups of six.  (Image 5)
6) Trim a 4 inch piece of 22 gauge craft wire and create a small wrapped loop on one end.  (Image 6)
7) Tie the ends of one crystal bundle together.  Thread it through the loop in the wire and tie several knots.  Secure with adhesive and trim ends.  (Images 7-12)
8) Glue two black crystals to the surface of each 12mm pearl.  Allow to dry. (Images 13)
9) Stack items onto the craft wire in the following order: silver Cuppola end, pearl bead, flower cap, rondelle.  Finish by creating a wrapped loop. (Image 15)
10) Thread a rondelle bead onto the blank earring finding and create a loop.  (Images 16-19)
11) Connect ear wire to ghost tassel.  (Image 20)

Specter2 Specter1

Finished, these earrings measure about 3.5 inches long and can be made shorter by using less bicone beads.  This is an intermediate technique and will take around 45 minutes to complete.  Stringing all those little beads can be time consuming.  If these tassels aren’t quite your style, stay tuned for another spooky earring tutorial coming up next week!


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