I believe I have mentioned before that I have a little bit of a craft supplies hoarding problem.  This post is yet another example of that.  I bought this pretty pinkish-red t-shirt last summer.  Wouldn’t you know, the first time I wore it to work (when I was still in our shipping department) I snagged it on the table and it got a huge hole in the front.  It was no longer wearable but I still couldn’t bear to part with it.  Along came the excuses… It’s such a pretty color… I know I can do something with it.  Then came the Pinterest searches, “t-shirt crafts” and then it made its way into my fabric drawer never to be heard from again.

I caught a bit of inspiration the other night while I was sleeping, when I get my best ideas, woke up with this idea on my brain.  It’s a little bit of a twist on my “Red, White and Bangle Bracelets” post from this summer.  I decided to cut up the shirt and use it as a ribbon to wrap the flat memory wire with.  Much to my surprise, it actually turned out! I really love working with the flat memory wire!  I was a bit perplexed by it at first, but the more I work with it, the more I like it.  It makes wrapping so easy and simple.  I whipped up a whole stack of bracelets similar to this one. I do love layering my bracelets!

Flat Memory Wire
24 gauge craft wire
20 gauge craft wire
Jump Rings (FI208-TS and 6FI221-AS)
Asst. Carved Bone Beads (10BN114-C, 1CB108-C, 1CB106-C1, 8CB110-5, 8CB171)
An Old T-shirt
Head pin (FI61-S)

Memory Wire Cutter
Round Nose Plier 


1) Begin by cutting off the hemmed edge of the t-shirt. Discard (or save for a future project.)
2) Cut the t-shirt width wise into one inch strips.  You will need about 12 inches to wrap the memory wire with and about 12 inches for the tassel. Set aside. (Image 2)
3) Using memory wire cutters, trim the memory wire 1 inch short of a full coil. (Image 3)
4) Create a loop on each end with a pair of round nose pliers. (Images 4 & 5)
5) Take your t-shirt ribbon and tie one end to the memory wire using a simple knot. (Image 6)
6) Begin wrapping the ribbon around the wire, tucking in the tail end. (Image 7)
7) Wrap loosely around the entire length of the memory wire, tying a simple knot at the end.  Trim. (Image 8)
8) Cut a 30 inch piece of 24 gauge craft wire.  Starting at the end with the knot, begin wrapping the wire around the ribbon.  (Image 9)
9) Wrap the wire along the ribbon wrapped memory wire, adding a bead every third wrap and/or ever half-inch until you have added 7 beads. Wrap tightly at the end and trim the wire.  (Image 10 & 11)
10) Take a 10 inch piece of 20 gauge craft wire and create a wrapped loop on one end.  (Image 12)
11) Thread on enough beads to finish the loop with the memory wire, about 2 inches. (Image 13)
12) Create a wrapped loop on the opposite end.  (Image 14)
13) Open the loops of the memory wire just enough to connect the beaded link and close securely.  (Image 15)
14) To create the tassel: Wrap the t-shirt ribbon around 2 fingers. (Image 16)
15) Add a jump ring. (Image 17)
16) Wrap a piece of 24 gauge craft wire around the ribbon just under the jump ring. (Image 18)
17) Cut the loops on the bottom of the tassel to finish off your fringe.  (Image 19)
18) Create additional dangles using a head pin and/or 20 gauge craft wire.  Attach with jump rings. (Image 20)


The best thing about this bracelet is how easy it is to make.  Its got a trendy boho vibe with the carved bone, tassel and frayed fabric.  Changing up the fabric and the beads would give it a completely different vibe.  I want to try this same style of bracelet using scraps of denim and maybe some silver spike beads for a rocker-chic look!


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