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The other day, when I was working on my Style Inspiration post featuring The Great Gatsby, I came across this amazing pearl necklace from Tiffany’s. Unfortunately, $35,000 is a little out of my budget. And even though they have a “cheaper” version ringing in at $1,200, I still don’t have that kind of money to spend. That didn’t stop me from falling in love with the necklace however, and I wondered how I would be able to create one myself.  This version can be made for just over $50 with materials to spare!

I thought about the design for a few days and how I wanted to construct it and then I got started.  My version uses Czech glass pearls and pewter findings. Sorry, no platinum with diamond inlay here!  This tutorial is a little bit labor intensive and took me around 2 hours to finish.  It was my first time using Fireline Braided Bead cord and it took a little bit of getting used to. The finished necklace is 34 inches long and the tassel hangs an additional 5 inches.  I wore the necklace to a wedding (see how I styled it on my Instagram!) this weekend and it hung to my belt line.

132 pc – 2mm pearls
72 pc – 3mm pearls
62 pc – 4mm pearls
54 pc – 5mm pearls
121 pc – 6mm pearls
14 pc – 8mm pearls
3 pc – 10mm pearls
1 pc – Pewter bead cap
2 pc – flower link
Fireline Braided Bead Thread
Big Eye Needle
22 ga craft wire


To make the tassel:
1) Cut 20 in of Fireline. Thread single strand through your big eye needle. (image 1)
2) String on 1 2mm pearl. (image 2)
3) Remove the thread from the needle and double it up so that the 2mm pearl is at the center of the string. (image 3)
4) String in this order: 4pc 5mm pearl, 5pc 4mm pearl, 6pc 3mm pearl, 10pc 2mm pearl. Set aside. (images 4-7)
5) Repeat steps 1-4 until you have completed 12 strands.
6) Cut 12 inches of craft wire. Make a wrapped loop on one end. (image 8)
7) Using a scrap of wire as a needle (image 9), gather the strands of your tassel and thread them through your wrapped loop. (image 10)
8) Fasten ends together securely with a double knot. Trim ends and add a dab of glue to make sure the knot will not come apart. (images 11-12)
9) When the glue is almost dry, finish off the tassel with your bead cap. (image 13)
10) String onto the wire in this order: 1pc 5mm pearl, 1pc 6mm pearl, 1pc 4mm pearl, 1pc 10mm pearl, 1pc 4mm pearl, 1pc 5mm pearl.  Finish by creating a wrapped loop. (not pictured)
11) To begin construction of the bottom part of the necklace: Cut 40 inches of Fireline, thread needle and double the string.
12) String in this order: 1pc 5mm pearl, 20pc 6mm pearl, 1pc 5mm pearl, tassel, 1pc 5mm pearl, 20pc 6mm pearl, 1pc 5mm pearl. Try this tip! 
13) String your thread through one end of your flower link and back through your 5mm pearl (image 14).  Tie off your thread with a Surgeon’s Knot (image 16).
14) String though your next bead (image 15) and create another knot.  Do this one more time until you have three separate knots.
15) Thread your string through the next several beads to hide the tail. Trim any extra length.
15) Repeat steps 12-14 with the other link.
16) To construct the top part of the necklace: Cut 70 inches of Fireline, thread needle and double the string.
17) String in this order: 1pc 5mm pearl, 20pc 6mm pearl, 4pc 8mm pearl, 1pc 10mm pearl, 3pc 8mm pearl, 40pc 6mm pear, 3pc 8mm pearl, 1pc 10mm pearl, 4pc 8mm pearl, 20pc 6mm pearl, 1pc 5mm pearl.
18) Finish as with steps 12-14 above.


This is the first time I have written such a detail tutorial, so if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them.  This is not a beginner project, a little more experience is required for the techniques used.

To purchase all the materials needed, view the list here. Just select the items and add to your shopping cart! And don’t forget that newsletter members get free standard shipping!

Did you get to see The Great Gatsby this weekend? My husband and I went to as wedding out of town so I have not been able to see it just yet, but I really hope to see it soon.  Should I wear this necklace? I say YES!


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