TierraCast has done it again with the debut of their new “You Collection.”  Consisting of  focal pieces, slides, charms and beautiful lobster claw clasps, the new line is so very usable and inspiring.  I especially love the alphabet and symbol charms.  With a large-hole bail, it will fit on your favorite cord or chain and they are situated in a way that a jump ring isn’t necessary.

I wanted to use the new TierraCast pieces with some of the new stones that have come in from Tucson.    Maybe it’s because it happens to be my birthstone, but I have always been drawn to turquoise.  I wanted to pair the creamy blue tones of the turquoise with copper components and the lotus flower charm seemed like a nice “zen” touch.

1st –  Sm Turquoise Chips
1st – Lg Turquoise Chips
1st –  Oval Turquoise
1pc – 3 Hole D-ring Clasp
6pc – Crimp Beads
30pc – 4mm Jump Ring
2pc – 6mm Jump Ring
5pc – Copper Charm Blank
6pc – Copper Lotus Flower Charm
10pc – Sm Copper Nugget Spacer
12pc – Lg Copper Nugget Spacer

1) Trim 12 inches of beading wire and string beads in this order: oval bead, lotus charm, oval bead, blank charm.  Repeat until you have strung all 11 charms and 12 oval beads. Set aside.  (Images 1-2)
2) Trim 12 inches of beading wire and string beads in this order: 5 small chips, 1 small spacer.  Repeat this pattern until you have used all 10 spacers or have beaded about 6.5 inches.  Because the chips are not a uniform size, you may need more or less beads to complete the length needed. Set aside. (Image 3)
3) Trim a 12 inch piece of beading wire and string beads in this order: 1 large chip, 1 large spacer, 3 large chips, 1 spacer, 1 chip, 1 spacer, 3 chips.  Repeat the pattern until you have used 12 spacers or have beaded about 6.5 inches.  (Image 4)
4) String on a crimp bead and connect the strand to one half of the clasp.  Repeat on the opposite side with the remaining half of the clasp. Connect each of the three beaded pieces.  I connected the lotus charm strand to the outside hole of the clasp.  (Images 5-9)
5) Instead of using a crimp cover to hide my crimp bead, I used 5 jump rings on each strand.  It gives the piece a wire wrapped look when complete.  Do this for each crimp bead used. (Images 10-11)
6) Using 2 of the larger jump rings, connect the toggle part of the clasp to one of the d-rings and your bracelet is ready to wear!

I really like the effect that is achieved when jump rings are used to cover the crimp bead instead of a traditional crimp cover.  It’s little details like this that can send your jewelry from amateur to professional looking in no time flat.  Turquoise-Square
I love a good bracelet and tend to layer them on in stacks.  By using a multi-strand clasp, you can create the look of stacked bracelets by only wearing one piece.  Turquoise is an extremely wearable and is said to provide protection from negativity and can help the wearer live life with more joy and happiness.  I don’t know if that is true, but this bracelet certainly makes me happy!

Check out the TierraCast’s NEW “You Collection” on our website NOW!


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  • February 26, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Looks great, can’t wait to try and make one similar. Love anything turquoise.

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