The 2016 Summer Olympics kick off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  With over 200 nations and more than 10,000 participating, this is looking to be one of the most exciting Olympics yet!  I will be rooting for Team USA, of course!  TierraCast recently released some great new components, including sports charms, wire bangle bracelets and these adorable little heart links.  What better way to show your support for the talented athletes representing our country than by donning the ole’ Red, White, and Blue.  With a project this easy, you will be whipping out stacks of bracelet for yourself and all your friends!

1pc – Tierracast Link Ss34 Sapphire Stepped Rhodium – TC6749-09
1pc – Tierracast Link Ss34 Light Siam Stepped Rhodium – TC6749-07
1pc – Tierracast Link Heart Crystal Rhodium – TC6822-02
6pc – Tierracast Cord End Taj 4mm Inner Diameter 12mm Rhodium – TC0214-RP
6pc – Tierracast Barrel 6x7mm Rhodium 2x4mm Inner Diameter – TC5791-RP
6pc – Tierracast Jump Ring 19 Gauge 6mm Silver Plating – TC0025-SP
3pc – Tierracast Brass Lobster Clasp 9x15mm Silver Plating – TC0111-BS
3ft (or more) – India Leather Cord Red Brown 2mm 25 Meter – 20LC156
E-6000 Clear Multi-purpose Adhesive 1 Ounce – FI399

Complete supply list found HERE.


1) Trim two pieces of leather 8 inches each.  Thread the leather through the loop in the rhinestone link and tie and overhand knot near the link.  Repeat on the opposite side of the link. (Images 1-4)
2) String the spacers onto the leather and apply a small bit of adhesive to the leather so the spacers will stay in place.  (Image 5)  Gently flatten the spacer with a pair of flat nose pliers for more security.  (Image 12)
3) Measure the length of the leather to fit your wrist.  Apply a small amount of adhesive into the glue-on cap and allow to dry.  Be sure to mold the bracelet into a circle and that the leather strands are not crossed.  (Image 7-8)
4) Connect jump rings to each end cap and use one of the jump rings to attach the jump ring.  (Image 9-11)
5) Experiment with the placement of knots and spacers on the additional bracelets to add interest to the bracelet stack.


Full disclosure, the sparkly red thingy I used in this post is actually a giant bow tie that I took apart.  It was left over from a photo booth we did at one of our Artisan Markets a while back.  I needed something red as a prop in the background so the bow tie made a worthy sacrifice.  I have quite the collection of “things” in my office that I use as props.  It’s good to be on the lookout for little dishes, old books, scraps of wood; anything can serve as a great photography prop if it highlights the look of the jewelry.

USA-Hand  USA2

I love little projects like this!  They are so easy to make and customize.  Make a bracelet stack using crystals that represent the birthstones of the people you love or maybe you want to commemorate a special event. So simple! All you are doing is cutting (and hopefully measuring) and glueing, it really doesn’t get easier than that!

Guess What?! ALL TierraCast ]is 25% off through tomorrow, July 21st.  That means all of the components, except for the leather, are on sale.  You can also save 30% off Swarovski Crystal and 25% off seed beads! Oh my goodness!


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