OrnamentTitle It’s time to get down to business. Christmas business that is. Welcome to the first of a three-part series of tutorials to make some nifty wire ornaments.  The supplies here are pretty simple. All you need are two sizes of wire and an assortment of crystal beads. I used aluminum wire, that is very pliable and easy to work with. It comes in several colors, including more traditional Christmas colors like silver, gold and green.

Small Bail Making Plier
Large Round Wubbers
Side Cutter

Tree-Steps.fw Steps:
1) Cut a 36 inch piece of 12 gauge aluminum wire and create  loop on each end with the large round Wubbers. (Image 1)
2) Cut a 24 inch piece of 18 gauge aluminum wire and wrap the wire around the 12ga wire. (Image 2)
3) Randomly string on a bead and continue wrapping the smaller wire messily around the thick wire.  (Images 3-5)
4) After an inch or two, wrap the 18ga wire around the small bail making plier to create a coil.  Continue wrapping around the larger wire. (Images 6-8)
5) When you run out of 18ga wire, flatten the end and cut another 24 inch piece. (Image 9)
6) Repeat steps 3-5 until the entire length of 12ga wire has been wrapped with the small wire and beads.
7) Starting at one end of the 12ga wire, create a round coil as shown. (Image 10-11)
8) Use a flat nose plier to flip the inner loop up and the bottom loop down. (Images 12-13)
9) Gently pull the ends apart to make a cone.  Re-shape if necessary. (Image 14)
10) Cut a 10 in piece of 18ga wire and create a loop with the small bail making pliers on one end. (Image 15)
11) Grasping the loop with a flat nose plier, wrap the wire around the loop creating a coil. (Images 16-17)
12) Stack several beads onto the wire and finish the top with a wrapped loop. (Image 18)
13) Hang from the bottom loop on the tree.
Tree+IceTree One of the great things about this ornament set, is that the messier it looks the better. I love the way the blue wire brings out some of the rainbow color of the crystal beads.  There is no real rhyme or reason to this design, just make it as random as possible.  Stay tuned tomorrow to learn how to make the icicle ornament and on Friday I will teach you how to make the star! The supplies listed above are all you need to make these three ornaments and you will even have some extra left over if you want to make more!


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