Here is part two of our three-part series, in which I will teach you how to make some cute Christmas ornaments using wire and beads.  You will need the same supplies as in yesterday’s post, but I will include the list here for your convenience.  In today’s tutorial I will show you how to make a simple icicle ornament for your tree.  This ornament is much simpler to create than the Christmas Tree, so you could easily whip up a whole bunch of them in a jiffy.


Small Bail Making Plier
Large Round Wubbers
Side Cutter
Icicle-Steps.fw Steps:
1) Cut a 20 inch piece of 18 gauge wire and create a wrapped loop using the large round Wubbers pliers.
2) String 5-6 inches worth of beads onto the wire, starting with the largest beads at the top and finishing with smaller beads to give the appearance of an icicle.
3) With the small bail making pliers, create a small wrapped loop on the end of the ornament.
4) Take the remaining wire and wrap it around the beads until you have reached the top loop.  Finish it off by wrapping the wire around the top. Trim excess if necessary.
5) Cut a 10 in piece of 18ga wire and create a loop with the small bail making pliers on one end.
6) Grasping the loop with a flat nose plier, wrap the wire around the loop creating a coil.
7) Stack several beads onto the wire, attach to the bottom loop of the icicle and finish the top with a wrapped loop.

Ice Tree+Ice

I love the way the color of the blue wire comes through the crystal beads and gives them the appearance of being color lined.  I think it makes them look extra icy.  It was actually the icicle ornament that inspired this entire set.  I love non-traditional Christmas colors and when decorating my own tree and tend to be drawn to peacock-style colors. I love the way emerald green looks when paired with blues and purples and turquoise.  Come back tomorrow when I will finish off this ornament set with a fancy beaded star! I can’t wait to show you what I have come up with!


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