OrnamentTitle Today, I am definitely starting to feel the Christmas spirit. I woke up with snow on the ground, if you can call it that. Everything was covered in a glittery layer of white over it. Considering the inches and feet and blistering cold that some parts of the country have right now, I feel a little embarrassed to call what we got last night snow. Do you think that stopped my daughter from bundling up in all her snow clothes to go play in it before school? Of course not! And now onto the ornament of the day!

This is the conclusion of our three-part wire ornament series.  This one is a little bit more complicated that the last two, but since these ornament look better the messier they are, I think we will have no problem here.  You will use the same supplies and techniques we used for the Christmas tree and the icicle ornament, so let’s get started!


Small Bail Making Plier
Large Round Wubbers
Side Cutte

Star-Steps.fw Steps:
1) Cut a 36 inch piece of 12 gauge wire and bend the first 2 inches as shown. (Image 1)
2) Measure 6 inches and make another bend in the wire. (Image 2)
3) Repeat Step 2 above until you have made 5 bends, one for each side of the star.  (Image 3)
4) Wrap the end of the wire around the very first bend to secure the shape of the star. (Image 4)
5) Using the 2 inch section of wire from Step 1, create a loop with the large round Wubbers. (Image 5)
6) Cut a 24 inch section of 18 gauge wire and wrap it around one of the corners of the star.  (Image 6)
7) Add a bead and wrap the wire around a corner on the opposite side of the star. (Image 7)
8) Repeat until each corner of the star is secured. This will prevent the star from losing its shape as you wrap the rest of the star with wire.
9) Begin to wrap the points of the star.  Alternate by stringing on random beads and creating coils (as seen in the Christmas Tree ornament tutorial.) When you run out of wire, tuck the end under with a flat nose plier and cut another 24 inch piece. (Images 8-9)
10) Repeat these steps until each point is filled with wire and beads. (Images 10-11) Again, the fuller and messier it is, the better it will look.
11) To keep the beads in place, and to create some extra visual interest, grasp a straight section of wire with your flat nose pliers and twist 90 degrees.  This will make a bend in the wire. (Images 12-14)
12) Repeat Step 11 on every straight section of wire until you are satisfied with the look of your star.  (Image 15)
Star With 10 colors of wire to choose from, you can make this ornament set to match any Christmas theme you want.  Whether you like the more traditional reds and greens and golds or you prefer to go a little wild with pinks and purples, these are easily customizable.  By keeping the beads simple, using an assortment of clear AB crystals, the wire does all the work.  After making these three pieces, I still have lots of wire and beads left over for more ornaments.  What other shapes could you make using these techniques?   A simple circle would make a cute wreath or you could get ambitious and fashion an angel out of wire.  If you make any of these ornaments for your holiday tree, please share them with us on Facebook! 


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