Looking to make a handcrafted Mother’s Day gift for the special woman in your life this year? Well, look no farther. These wire wrapped birds nests are quick and easy to create. You can easily customize them to make a one of a kind gift for Mom this year!

22 Gauge Silver Craft Wire – 22CW812
3pc 8mm Round Bead – 8CR612
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Side Cutter

Steps – Part A:
1) Cut about 2 feet of craft wire.
2) Make a small loop with your round nose pliers. (Image 1)
3) Using your chain nose pliers to hold onto the wire, begin making a spiral shape. (Image 2)
4) Continue coiling the wire with your pliers or fingers until you have a shape the size of a quarter. (Images 3-5)
5) Feed the tail of your wire through the coil while continuing to wrap in a circular shape. (Image 6)
6) Weave the wire throughout the coil to secure it until you run out of wire.  Tuck in the end of the wire. (Images 7-9)
Steps – Part B:
7) Cut another 2 foot section of craft wire.
8) String on your desired beads.  You do not have to use 3 beads, the design can be adjusted for your desired amount.  I just think 3 beads looks best. (Image 10)
9) Secure the end of the wire with a wrapped loop. (Image 11)
10) Trim the wire and bend it 90 degrees so the beads are flat. (Image 12)
11) Thread the wire through the nest base you made in Part A, above. (Image 13)
12) Take the tail of the wire and begin weaving it through the nest base and the beaded section to attach them together. (Image 14)
13) Continue weaving and wrapping the wire until you have about 3 inches left. (Image 15)
14) Using your round nose pliers, make a wrapped loop with a large enough hole to slip a cord or chain through. (Images 16-18)
15) Wrap the remaining wire into the bird’s nest until there is no wire left. Tuck in and hide the end.
16) Optional Step: With your flat nose pliers, grasp random sections of the wire and twist to create a bend.  You do not have to do this, but it makes the finished next look a little more organic. (Image 19)
17) String the finished pendant onto the cord/chain of your choice.

I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone, so I decided to further embellish the pendants I made. This pendant is strung onto bright silver ball chain. I also added a lock and key charm to the chain. Supplies: Ball chain, ball chain clasp, lock charm, key charm, jump rings.
Instead of using pearls, for this version I chose a few different colors of Swarovski crystals. Use crystals in the colors of birthstones to represent children or grandchildren! I also attached a bird charm to the nest using a small jump ring. Supplies: Black leather cord, cord ends, jump rings, heart-shaped lobster clasp, bird charm, 8mm Swarovski crystals.
Another variation using birthstone colored crystals. This time I hung the pendant from a delicate silver chain and attached an angel wing charm to the bottom of the nest with a jump ring. Supplies: Silver chain, jump rings, heart-shaped lobster claw, angel wing charm, 8mm Swarovski crystals.



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