I love to search the web for pretty jewelry to get inspiration and ideas for things to make. Jewelry can be so expensive, and as someone who spends my life making jewelry, I find that it’s really hard for me to spend money on something I can just make myself. The other day when I was browsing online, I found this beautiful Amazonite charm necklace. Unfortunately, the $155 price tag was far out of my budget and I knew I could create a similar style necklace for much much less.

Using more of our Tucson Treasures, I was able to come up with this gorgeous talisman necklace. A necklace like this is a great project, because it can use up some of those left over beads that you may have lying around your work table. I used a pearl from the Denim Elegance tutorial, a quartz crystal from the Embellished Kidney Wire Earring post, and some various other bone beads and charms. The focal point of this necklace is the gorgeous Kingman Turquoise pendant. Unfortunately the pendant piece is not available for sale on our website, but you can call our toll-free line (1-800-950-4232) and tell the sales person you want to purchase 91ST413-GM

Turquoise Pendant 91ST413-GM (Call 800-950-4232 to order.)
1pc Bone Owl Bead
1pc Large Hole Pearl
1pc Stone Nugget
1pc Quartz Spear
1pc TierraCast Bead Cap
2pc Silver Spacers
1pc Arrow Charm
1pc TierraCast Feather Charm
2pc 4mm Round Bone
2pc 8mm Carved Round Bone
24 Gauge Silver Craft Wire
3pc Silver Head Pin
6pc Silver Jump Ring
48 inches 1.5mm Brown Leather
18 inches 1mm Brown Leather

1) String turquoise pendant onto the 2mm leather cord and set aside. (Image 1)
2) Thread the bone owl bead onto the head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 2)
3) Stack the bead cap and the large hole pearl onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 3)
4) String one spacer, one stone bead, and another spacer onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop. (Image 4)
5) Cut 24 inches of silver wire and wrap the quartz crystal.  (See this tutorial for wrapping tips.) (Image 6)
6) Connect a jump ring to each of your 6 charms. (Image 7)
7) Cut 18 inches of 1mm brown leather and tie a square knot about 2 inches above the pendant.  See this picture for more info on macrame knotting.  (Images 8-10)
8) String the pearl onto the string on the left side and tie a square knot.  (Images 11-12)
9) String the quartz spear onto the string on the right side and tie a square knot.  (Image 13)
10) Continue adding your charms, alternating sides until you have attached them all to the leather. (Images 14-16)
11) Slide the macrame section down to the top of the pendant.  String one 4mm bone round onto the leather and tie a simple overhand knot.  Trim excess leather.  (Image 17)
12) Decide desired length of necklace and tie an overhand knot.  (Image 18)
13) String an 8mm carved bone round bead on each tail and tie an overhand knot. (Image 19)
This necklace can be customized however you desire.  Choose charms and beads that have special meaning to you.  For me, I just really liked the owl bead and picked charms to compliment it.  Instead of the bone, check out our selections of Peruvian ceramic beads.  We carry many different types so if an owl doesn’t happen to be your spirit animal, I’m sure you can find one to represent you.  And really, it doesn’t even have to be an animal, you can just pick some pretty beads if that is your wish!
Working with leather is fun and easy.  One of my favorite parts about this necklace is that there is no clasp to fuss around with.  All you have to do is throw it over your head and you are out the door. This necklace would also look great layered with a few chains and maybe a strand of beads.  So whether you pile it on or keep it simple, here is another awesome necklace to add to your collection! I have a feeling this one will be coming home with me.  I love it! Enjoy your Friday!


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One thought on “Wise Owl Talisman Necklace

  • April 8, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    I have to admit, I honestly like yours better! It is stunning. I’m not sure I can accomplish it with as much finesse, but I’m thinking of trying it with my daughter. She is in the stage where she loves having matching everything. So matching necklaces is beyond cool. :) We have a cute mother/daughter charm necklace from Charm America

    Thanks for the post,

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